18 Expensive Mishaps Occurred Leading To Immediate Pain

No one is safe from making an occasional mistake here and there. However, some mistakes are a little more expensive than others – and today we’re all about them.
The That Looked Expensive subreddit is dedicated to the most expensive mistakes that people made, and it’s almost too painful to watch. From heavy machinery flipped on its back to crashed supercars, check out a collection of insanely costly fails in the gallery below!

#1 "Touchmore" car wash

Source: BoMbSWOW

A touchless car wash sounds nice. But what is happening here? Isn't the car supposed to stay unscratched and spotless after this washing session?

#2 Manager: I still need you to make it to work today

Source: imwaiter

#3 Damn. This is brutal

Source: yellowcow1

#4 The VR got way too real already

Source: GringoBolad0

#5 "God, please send me a sign"

Source: Zachman97

#6 I don't get outta bed for less than 599 plates

Source: CookiesAreGodz-64

#7 Damn frisbees

Source: Moofritte

#8 Looked like he drove into wet cement. Then I noticed there were no tires. Then I noticed there were only half the rims left

Source: BatRevolutionary9183

#9 That tree specifically hates European luxury SUVs

Source: eiwitten

#10 I send my condolences to the person cleaning that up

Source: copacetic51

We can feel the cringe and the pain just by looking at these pics. Imagine the amount of money lost on these, well, feels like I can faint. These poor folks must have woken up to a very, very bad day to see such things happening to them.

#11 Reliable pillars

Source: VreniCZek

#12 Beamer++

Source: bullybullet

Looks like damaging your car is not sad enough, you damaged two other cars while doing so. Now think about the repair bill after fixing your mistake. It must hurt your wallet.

#13 Like a scene from Mr. Bean

Source: Mr_PoodlePants

#14 What could go wrong while cooking breakfast?

Source: BarnabyWoods

Feel like making breakfast this morning? Sounds good. But just don't burn down the entire coach doing so. Oh, what I've just said?

#15 It hurts just by looking at this

Source: 23skidoobbq

#16 Wow! Good thing it was a detached garage!

Source: WiXBox360

#17 Kool-aid man is about to lose his driver's license

Source: babyspoot

#18 Every car 1 day after the warranty ends

Source: DoctorWhoniverse

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