18 Examples Of Dumb People Unable To Do Simple Maths To Start Your Day With

There are two types of people in the world: those who can easily solve a challenging mathematics issue, and others who have trouble with simple addition and subtraction. It goes without saying that arithmetic gets a bad rep for being challenging. After all, as we advance in our education, it just becomes more complicated. Many of us dislike queries that use complicated mathematics and alphabetical letters. In spite of this, I believe it is reasonable to state that we are coping just fine with the fundamentals.
That is, at least, the majority of us. Many people seem to have carried their lack of aptitude for mathematics into their everyday lives. And you can trust the subreddit "They Didn't Do The Math" to document it for the world to see whenever someone is unable to complete a straightforward mathematical task. For the past six and a half years, the subreddit with 24.3K members has been compiling examples of mathematical errors. Now that we've compiled 39 of their funniest findings, your mood is guaranteed to soar to new heights!

#1. A penny a day for a year will get you nowhere....

Source: LoLx1

#2. Quick maths

Source: Groenboys

#3. We are all living in 2023, but this guy is living in 2025

Source: dedokta

#4. R Kelly calculator

Source: SchruteFarmsAirbnb

#5. Wait a second

Source: IvanMNV

#6. Makes sense

Source: ivan200520052005

#7. Pregnancy lasting less than a month or exactly a year

Source: anoobsearcher

#8. Redditor vs math

Source: Thaplayer1209

#9. At least they tried

Source: shwifti

#10. Yep

Source: migel210

#11. How many trips back to the store?

Source: tonyoncoffee

#12. Shouldn't a VP at a mortgage company understand how compounding interest works?

Source: C00LST0RYBRO

#13. Social distancing

Source: adamlm

#14. 20<16

Source: dubnr3d

#15. Excuse me

Source: Bob_Le1

#16. Seems about right

Source: EyewarsTheMangoMan

#17. Wow! What a great deal!.....wait....

Source: fuzzy_devil_dicks


Source: Finnr77

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