18 People Who Decided To Not Give A F*ck About What Others Think

Life is hard and people have a lot to worry about. Making a living, taking care of family, health, career, life balance, etc. That's very exhausting, you know. People can't run away from their responsibilities but some geniuses know other ways to reduce their worries to the least. They just decided to not give an F about what others might think of them and just do what they want. Most of us are always afraid of being judged, especially when we are in public places. But hey, take a look! Those careless people are definitely leading a much easier life than us.
Having said that, there are some cases where carelessness is not appreciated. We just made a compilation of 18 people who don't seem to be bothered by what others think at all. Scroll down to see for yourself!

#1. Got ready for some "me time"

Source: CarisaDoll

#2. He takes it rather well....

Source: tuttibossi

#3. If she farts it will be medium rare in the package.

Source: Humans doing human things

#4. Chick magnet

Source: Humans doing human things

#5. It's casual Friday at Subway.

careless peopleSource: MechaStewart

#6. Juliet waiting for Romeo

Source: tiffanyweekes

#7. This guy couldn't care less

careless peopleSource: GallowBoob

#8. Ran out of toiletpaper

Source: Humans doing human things

#9. Rules don't apply to him

careless peopleSource: bigpapagrey

#10. My new spirit animal

careless peopleSource: Noerdy

#11. Just a grown adult riding in a shopping cart while her mother shops

careless peopleSource: bigmanbeats

#12. It’s good to have priorities.

Source: Humans doing human things

#13. Y’all be okay a lit cigarette can’t light up gasoline.

careless peopleSource: Humans doing human things

#14. When a flood is not a reason to change your usual lifestyle!

Source: blapowwwwah

#15. Never skip leg day

careless peopleSource: Humans doing human things

#16. What are you doing here?

Source: Humans doing human things

#17. Not sure if the police is too interested, but thanks nevertheless.

careless peopleSource: Humans doing human things

#18. It was just kernels until he went outside

careless peopleSource: wellthatsakward

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