18 Bizarre Inventions That Make You Shake Your Head

However, when the design idea cannot be fulfilled in the manner desired by the designer, the outcome could not be worse. Every designer strives to create something that will astound everyone. However, some designers not only surprise you but also make you giggle with concepts that are out of this world, even if they are exceedingly bizarre and perplexing.
Here are 18 of the most bizarre inventions that make you shake your head. Take a look at the funniest ones. They may be the weirdest invention ideas you've seen and they'll certainly make you laugh out loud. Let's get started, and don’t forget to cackle!

#1. Built My Own Skates Instead Of Buying Them

Source: flowersontrees

#2. My Computer I Decided To Build In A Jerry Can

Source: flowersontrees

#3. Going Home for Thanksgiving Never Ceases to Amaze Me at What My Father Can Come Up With

Source: Metalgreek

#4. How About This Centrepiece, Seen At A Dentist's Office?

Source: TypicalCricket

#5. We Built A Double Decker Couch But Better Circa 2012


#6. It’s The Zip Ties For Me. They Really Pull The Whole Thing Together

Source: Branndish

#7. All Out Desperation

Source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#8. This Tyre Tube Face Mask

Source: Gurtek86

#9. A Loft Bed For Visitors You Don't Like

Source: mikem004

#10. Why?

Source: Khay33

#11.  Ear Earring With Earrings

Source: Cassiedanine

#12. How Do You Feel About Whole-Body Tube Scarf?

Source: Normipoikkeus

#13. Feeling So Embarrassed For Missing A Wave? Get One Of These

Source: Boonshy

#14. A Pool Made From An Old Bus

Source: Neverlose726

#15. Wonder What The Throttle Does

Source: Coraxxx

#16. I'm Positive This Fits Here

Source: Coraxxx

#17. I Present You - The MailWave!

Source: Fryphax

#18. Blursed Curtain

Source: CLOT074

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