18 Awful Fashion Choices That Will Make You Doubt Your Eyes

With time, fashion has undergone many changes. It is getting harder and harder every year to think of unique and impressive ideas that haven't been tried out before. Therefore, designers often go above and beyond the norm and perhaps even go too far sometimes. The list below consists of great examples of what could happen when designers lose control of their creativity. What is the best way to tell the world who is your favorite star? Having their face printed on your pants, of course. But that's not the worst. Keep scrolling down if you want to see more questionable clothes and accessories.
We just made a complication of 18 awful fashion choices that were actually tried out in real life to share with you. Although those designers and people who chose to wear them had really weird taste, they managed to have us laughing all day.

#1. Like WTF? An explanation is really necessary for this case

Source: uglydesign

#2. When you decided to hide nothing

Source: shopify

#3. "I have seen the future of fashion"

Source: HossCo

#4. Is there a better way to express your love for an actor?

Source: AngelaBrisk

#5. When a movie character decides to buy shoes:

Source: uglydesign

#6. This is really creepy

Source: crimesagainstshoemanity

#7. Welp

Source: imgur

#8. Best fishing hat ever, and thrift store find!

Source: imgur

#9. When you’re cold, you’re cold:

Source: rusmetro

#10. Birdbox in real life?

Source: rusmetro

#11. This takes the phrase “I’ll be there in a minute!” that we said while taking a shower, to another level

Awful Fashion ChoicesSource: rusmetro

#12. Poison Ivy's shoes

Awful Fashion ChoicesSource: crimesagainstshoemanity

#13. A really warm and trendy ninja

Awful Fashion ChoicesSource: imgur

#14. Who doesn’t like cats?

Awful Fashion ChoicesSource: zrebus

#15. If anyone asks "What's West Hollywood like?"

Awful Fashion ChoicesSource: imgur

#16. The heel of these heels are heels.

Awful Fashion ChoicesSource: Daft_Serious

#17. This outfit leaves little to the imagination

Awful Fashion ChoicesSource: mirdarthos

#18. Ventilation, in case it gets hot

Source: linskatoch

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