17 Tweets From The Most Sarcastic Moms Ever

It takes a tremendous amount of strength, endurance, and patience to raise children. Therefore, it is not surprising that parents frequently feel tense and get quite fatigued very quickly. But fortunately, they can still add a dash of sarcasm and comedy to anything, which helps them manage.
We have found some mother accounts online that often share their subscribers with witty comments about motherhood. We were unable to ignore this never-ending source of sarcastic life advice. Additionally, the supplementary material at the conclusion will include tales of children who were fortunate to have the mothers they did.


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Extra: Some stories of children who were fortunate enough to get the mothers they have.

  • I was sitting in a café in an airport with my mom. We were both extremely tired. There was a woman with a kid sitting next to us. The kid was refusing to eat anything. Then the woman brings a cake and says, “What about the cake? Who is gonna eat it?” My mom replies, “I can do it!” The baby ate that cake very fast. Source: Overheard / Ideer
  • My mother got married for the second time when she was 45. Her second husband was a fitness trainer. They had been living in a separate apartment for 2 years already. Today, my mom sent me a text at midnight: “Having a husband who works as a fitness trainer means eating ice cream in the bathroom. That’s what I’m doing right now.” Source: Overheard / Ideer
  • My mom plays FarmVille on my Facebook account. Once, I changed my user pic there, and my friend wondered why I started such a weird dialogue under this photo. Turns out, my mother decided to write me a compliment...under my photo...on my behalf. Then she replied to it for me. And the following dialogue occurred: “You are so beautiful!” “Thank you!” “You are welcome. I love you a lot!” All the comments were on my behalf. Some friends of mine were really confused. Source: Overheard / Ideer
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