17 Things That Look Like Body Parts

Have you ever come across something that makes you go "Hey, wait? There's something not right here"? Something that reminds you of another thing rather than itself. Something that looks more like a part of the body instead of what it is supposed to be. That phenomenon is called "Pareidolia", which refers to things that are recognizable as other objects.
Today, we made a compilation of 17 things that look like body parts. You won't believe your eyes and will be amazed at how weird they are at the same time. Scroll down to see. If pareidolia is your thing, check out our previous post here!

#1. Angry purse

Source: PauloSantoro

#2. Not sure this wood should be cut

Source: ydarbwerdna

#3. "My lemonade is looking back at me"

Source: disgruntledcrayfish

#4. This hot exhaust system

Source: purple-circle

#5. Twinsies

Source: leanmeanjellybeanz

#6. Do you like it hot or cold?

Source: brolbo

#7. "You have killed most of us Italians with this picture, thanks"

Source: Individual_Notice314

#8. Scary FB Pomegranate

Source: athenialiaa

#9. "The hinge on the back of my son’s Thermos looks like it wants to start something."

Source: MSotallyTober

#10. Frozen hands

Source: onefellswoop11

#11. This potato lookin like a reptile or Dino

Source: the_way_around

#12. Infrared lamp is throwing up ... or eating spaghetti

Source: Torpedo994

#13. Rat Muffin

Source: CrisperKoleslaw

#14. Someone is watching

Source: monja2009

#15. Happy Meal!

Source: brolbo

#16. What a nice smile!

Source: brolbo

#17. This sweet potato looks like a giant decomposing hand

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

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