17 Things That Are Horrible To Clean

Have you ever come across a thing that is so weird, you started asking yourself so many questions? What is its purpose? Why did people make it look so bizarre? And we don't know if you happen to think of but sometimes we even wonder how people clean those things. Broken dishware light shade? Salad served in a watering can? Oyster shell chandelier? Sound cool but how are we supposed to keep them clean? Did the people who invented them ever think of that?
We made a compilation of 17 things that are horrible to clean, we feel pity for those who have to do that. Scroll down to check them out. If you want more of the same, don't forget to join r/HorribleToClean on Reddit.

#1. Under side of nails

Source: edwardisobese

#2. Broken dishware light shade

Source: EatMyCannolo

#3. Festive way to get E. coli

Source: jonmpls

#4. A big nope for this ceiling

Source: Pidderman

#5. Looks like an old, rotten pumpkin

Source: jonmpls

#6. Use it once then just toss it out

Source: jonmpls

#7. The good news is that you won't have to decorate it for Halloween, the spiders will do that for you

Source: jonmpls

#8. Some interior designer thought this was a good idea

Source: Lasdary

#9. This luxurious toilet

Source: musilane

#10. Incense holder

Source: blooming-bluebird

#11. Cute but annoying

Source: Everything_rhymes

#12. These molluscy wine glasses

Source: -Dahl-

#13. "My salad came in a watering can"

Source: Vlappleman

#14. Shark urinals

Source: pcminfan

#15. The poor soul who has to clean this oyster shell chandelier

Source: CiariLovesYou

#16. A Maserati with black SUEDE in the parking lot of a Walmart

Source: UncleBenders

#17. "I can't even imagine how dirty the bottom of the mug would get, it's uncleanable"

Source: ColdAmoeba

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