17 Repaired Roads That Shouldn't Have Been Repaired

Road problems are found in every part of this world. Time is harsh and even the most modern road on Earth would be degraded after a long period. When this happens, the road service will come and fix it. However, not everyone in charge of this task is responsible enough for their work. Or maybe it is because the work is so demanding, they must come up with a quick solution in these circumstances. The results, of course, failed every single expectation. Although we are mad at their irresponsibility at work, we just can't help laughing.
We just made a compilation of 17 repaired roads that look like they haven't been repaired yet. Scroll down to check them out! If you want to see more of the same, don't forget to join this online community r/NotMyJob on Reddit!

#1. Built the road, boss!

Source: Darthrodgers77

#2. They laid asphalt. Why not a bike lane?

Source: klop09klop

#3. Fifty shades of grey Croatia

Source: Stokrotka5

#4. Montreal (Canada) road workers at their best.

Source: jonf00

#5. What happened here?

Source: jus_joshing

#6. "Yeah boss, I painted the road boss."

Source: StcStasi

#7. After months of frustrating traffic backups due to bridge repair and resurfacing, they said F it and expedited the painting

Source: Sunflowerburps

#8. It's not potholes, it's Braille

Source: Sunflowerburps

#9. Road repair's done, boss!

Source: vernazza

#10. Inclusive design at its best

Source: upvoteforabettername

#11. "I resurfaced the road, just like you asked"

Repaired RoadsSource: juniorlax16

#12. "We are ready with the bike road boss!"

Repaired RoadsSource: tetrahydrocannabiol

#13. Done with the road widening boss

Repaired RoadsSource: sarmivin

#14. Road's been repainted, boss

Repaired RoadsSource: Knillish

#15. Finished the road surfacing, boss

Repaired RoadsSource: Nikoklis

#16. Repaired the high street, boss

Repaired RoadsSource: SombreSilver

#17. The road is done, boss

Repaired RoadsSource: WackDaniel

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