17 Pics Of People Trying To Sell Mirrors Online That Are Outrageously Funny

When people sell something online, it's important to take good product photographs. Some people even use their humor and creativity to make their pictures stand out and wow customers. However, there are some (unintentionally) genius folks who just took photos of them in front of their products and that was enough to become Internet users' favorite. There's a viral Twitter thread by this username SivMajor with pictures of people trying to sell mirrors online that shook the world with laughter. You want to sell your mirror without awkwardly including parts of yourself in the reflection? Easy. All you have to do is just put a cloth on your head and stand in front of the mirror. It’s also a good idea to hold your camera with your bare feet.
We’ve compiled a list of 17 hilarious pics of people trying to sell their mirrors online that will crack you up. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. How to pose in front of a mirror

Source: SivMajor

#2. Only hand in reflection is okay

Source: SivMajor

#3. Grandpa seems so serious

Source: SivMajor

#4. Grandma selling her old mirror

Source: SivMajor

#5. Uh oh

Source: SivMajor

#6. The best so far

Source: SivMajor

#7. Hi little feet

Source: SivMajor

#8. Peek-a-boo

Source: SivMajor

#9. Not the best way to take pics of mirror for sale but hilarious as hell

Source: Octy_in_Boots

#10. "I saw this on a local selling page. They got their child in to help."

Source: itsnottuesday

#11. Just put on a cloth on your head

Source: gabideg97

#12. "My sister tried to buy a mirror on Craigslist, no picture was put up so she asked the guy to send her one...was not disappointed."

Source: BeatPutinArmWreslin

#13. This person just didn't mind his wife in the reflection

Source: Trash_vultur3

#14. Yes, grandpa

Source: Trash_vultur4

#15. "Granny can you help me hold this mirror?"

Source: kazysvatoslav

#16. "Taking pics with your bare feet? I don't see why not"

Source: Koheijito

#17. "I’m guessing this tiger has seen some terrible things"

Source: purpleisafruit2

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