17 People Who Had A Really, Really Bad Day

People frequently hold the world responsible for the negative or unpleasant things that occur to them. And while unfortunate events occasionally occur as a result of coincidences, they are typically attributed to our lousy decision-making. For instance, if you asked your inexperienced friend to give you a haircut, you can't blame luck for the poor result. Perhaps people should rely less on luck and more on their own senses.

#1. Stayed at work for the storm. This is the road I take home.

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#2. I was going to surprise my kids with a bag of churros.

Source: deserving_porcupine

#3. Let my friend cut my hair...

Source: meatballmania007

#4. Road marking paint fell off a truck, covering this Jeep

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#5. I just wanted to clean the window.

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#6. Took my kids swimming and came home with a grand total of 65 mosquito bites. My kids had 2 between the 3 of them.

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#7. I might have overfilled my knife holder.

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#8. I’m going to damn bed.

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#9. Just ordered a pepperoni pizza…

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#10. First log too.


#11. My glasses finally came in this morning. Paid $375 and decided to save $80 and not get insurance and my daughter got ahold of them 2 hours after arriving.

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#12. Walmart shipped me my new cooler with some sort of security device attached to it.

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#13. after eating half of my banana chips i found this......... *i puked*

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#14. Wow, you had one job

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#15. The city's giving more space to cyclists. Pedestrians: ...

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#16. Exploding ketchup packet

Source: damagstah

#17. Dropped a table on my big toe

Source: JohnnyDDrake

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