17 Lucky People Whose Requests Were Taken Literally

We have seen a lot of people going online just to complain about the bad service they have experienced, how manufacturers play dirty tricks on customers, and how disappointed people were when they received what they ordered. Little by little, we get more careful and sometimes, we say no to trying anything new. But there are times (not so many, of course) when life surprises people by giving them exactly what they asked for. The lucky people in the list below will definitely help you win your faith in humanity back.
We collected 17 examples of people who were over the moon to receive their requests in full. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. "I asked for lots and lots of cream cheese icing on my cinnamon buns"

Source: willowthemanx

#2. Customer asked for "A very generous amount of olives " He did not go home displeased.

Source: the_tech_guy1452

#3. Special instructions: "I'd like enough red pepper flakes to kill a donkey please."

Source: dame_de_boeuf

#4. "Asked for extra whipped cream on my pancakes. They delivered."

Source: metroidfan220

#5. I said “Fine just give me the two cheeseburger meal and I’ll put them together myself”

Source: Sudden-Possible2550

#6. Customer wanted extra glaze and extra peanuts on his PB&J donuts

Source: VodkaWithSnowflakes

#7. Customer asked for an ungodly amount of pepperoni

Source: AutisticDodo

#8. “Can I get extra egg?”

Source: meganpv

#9. That is some chip butty

Lucky PeopleSource: Ah_nice

#10. Asked for a cherry coke at a restaurant

Lucky PeopleSource: daking11712312

#11. Thoughts on this type of scallion ramen?

Lucky PeopleSource: SethVermin

#12. My friend: "I don't like birthday cake". His girlfriend: meatloaf layered with marinara, garlic mash, pepperoni stick candles, prosciutto roses.

Lucky PeopleSource: jonrock

#13. "I told my son he could only get one donut."

Lucky PeopleSource: andyrine

#14. "I asked for “as much garlic sauce as humanly possible” and was punished for my hubris"

Lucky PeopleSource: CanadianGladiator

#15. Went on a Disney cruise and was asked what I want for dessert. I said "nothing"

Lucky PeopleSource: Sayomi_Koneko

#16. "Order chipotle online for in-store pickup. Asked for extra cheese."

Lucky PeopleSource: jovialjasmine

#17. "Asked Waffle House for as many chocolate chips as they’re allowed to give me."

Lucky PeopleSource: jovialjasmine

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