17 Lazy Genius People Who Lead A Much Easier Life Than Us

Laziness is a kind of art. If you want to know how to do things in the quickest yet still most effective way, just come to lazy people to ask for their advice. However, it's not easy to be lazy and still have the work done. You must be a very creative and organized person first. Of course, we know how hard it is to leave your cozy bed in the middle of the night just because of a call of nature. We also know how badly you want to lay on the bed enjoying your favorite movie without holding your phone or laptop. Don't worry, the people on the list below might give you some ideas for making things easier.
We scoured the Internet and found 17 examples of lazy genius people who came up with such brilliant ideas for solving everyday problems. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. When you want to listen to music, but are too lazy to hold your phone

Source: mralix

#2. “Killing 2 birds with one stone” in practice

Source: feelosophiya

#3. "My friend just took lazy to a new level"

Lazy Genius PeopleSource: imgur

#4. Who says you can’t surf the Internet lying on the floor?

Source: cheami

#5. Just in case nature calls in the middle of the night

Source: TheRabbitHole-512

#6. "People call me lazy, I call it smart."

Source: GeoKureli

#7. Rather than clean it up, they put a sign up.

Lazy Genius PeopleSource: MudrakM

#8. This kid is going places

Source: arvzg

#9. It ain’t much, but it’s better than console

Lazy Genius PeopleSource: jaf21

#10. Just lost the remote so...

Source: cejaspobladas

#11. "My friend's taken lazy to a new drunk level"

Lazy Genius PeopleSource: Barkboy63

#12. The struggle is real when you have to get gas but you're too lazy to get out and pump

Source: Struggle4Real

#13. We use only the latest hands free technology

Lazy Genius PeopleSource: unstablereality

#14. "My razor broke about 5 days ago. Still too lazy to go get a new one."

Lazy Genius PeopleSource: AncientChineseSecret

#15. "My brother is too lazy to get a protective mat for the floor so instead he just puts socks on his desk chair"

Source: marzipanius

#16. Laziness level: Asian

Lazy Genius PeopleSource: Zezeka

#17. When you're to lazy to decorate for both Christmas and Halloween

Lazy Genius PeopleSource: Auditt809

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