17 Hilariously Terrifying Pics That Will Freak You Out

In your opinion, what is a photo that impresses viewers? A photo with a good composition, eye-catching textures, or subjects with vibrant colors, for example. All of the answers above are right, but what if it is a person who frequently uses the internet? They must have seen a lot of odd things on social media platforms, so it's probable that our previous opinions no longer apply to them. Take a glance at the terrifying images shared in the online community r/OddlyTerrifying. This Reddit group is dedicated to sharing oddly terrifying things that can turn your beautiful day into a nightmare. The long-haired dog, an owl without feathers, or the cat sitting on the shelf are images that can be imprinted in your mind.
Don't be too concerned when gazing at the photos below. When you look at these photos again, they won't be as scary as they were the first time you saw them. Here are 17 hilariously terrifying pics that will freak you out. Now, scroll down to have a good laugh. Let's get started!

#1. This dog with a wig

Source: deadflowers1

#2. The way this cat is sitting

Source: skollywag92

#3. This unintentionally scary shadow through some water bottles

Source: RandomPersonAKAAT

#4. These panoramic pictures of people's dogs

Source: amiz53

#5. This comforter was tossed onto a chair that now looks straight out of a horror film

Source: schrute_beet_farms

#6. Like these plants in South Africa (named Conophytum) that look like they have lips

Source: HRHChonkyChonkerson

#7. These upside-down dried-out Aloe Ferox LEAVES that just washed up like that on shore:

Source: BrazilianAlmostHobo

#8. Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell

Source: hoarselyBoom

#9. This is what owls look like without feather

Source: downwindBreak

#10. The way the sky looks like a giant hell demon about to eat the world here

Source: AbroadFructify492

#11. Moose with a mutation commonly known as Sleight Hooves

Source: grundlesquatch

#12. I don't like it

Source: sexuallyJump552

#13. This face swap

Source: placoidbirdbath

#14. Watermelon carving

Source: rartigasv

#15. Mark Zuckerberg's recent facebook selfie post

Source: LeidbagBaggins

#16. These poorly placed boots scared the person who actually left them there

Source: WesleyRJ95

#17. This pitbull wearing a lion costume, that someone happened to come across while walking through a park:

Source: Ok-Independence-6686

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