17 Hilarious Texts That You Can’t Argue With This Logic

We enjoy Hollywood blockbusters because they feature exciting action, sudden plot twists, and hidden meanings. And many people did not expect that there are texts that are even more appealing than those films due to their unpredictability. How would you respond to messages if your girlfriend insisted on loving you more? Or how would you react if your son chose to quit college, and so on? The replies below will astound you with their wit and humor.
Take a look at 17 hilarious texts that you can’t argue with this logic. We promise they will make you laugh out loud. What are you waiting for? Scroll down below to check them out, and don’t hesitate to share your stories. Enjoy!

#1. Hmmm

Source: Pikabu

#2. Must be serious

Source: Fredo970

#3. You are my ex

Source: DineshSalinda

#4. I am eating

vSource: HunterV1rus

#5. Catherina

Source: coldsemenova

#6. Are you serious?

Source: TopazFox

#7. Hey handsome

Source: Annypooh3

#8. Sorry, guy

Source: Annypooh4

#9. Kookabura

Source: AySmerch

#10. I'm moron

Source: rodion_ae

#11. Oops

Source: Narcines

#12. Which one

Source: Annypooh4

#13. Okay

Source: Annypooh5

#14. Spanish and groaning

Source: pirozhenshchina

#15. Get well soon

Source: Annypooh4

#16. LMAO

Source: Deezzznuuttss69

#17. A salt rifle

Source: FoxyTheP1rateFox

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