17 Examples Of Engrisk That Will Crack You Up

English is a widely used language. You can go to different parts of the world and still can find someone who is able to communicate with you in English. But that doesn't mean this is such an easy language that you can speak or write fluently. Many non-native still struggle with it every day and some even put a shame on themselves by how messed up their language skills are. That often leads to hilarious mishaps that is nothing but laughing material for everyone else.
We made a compilation of 17 examples of Engrisk that will have you roll on the floor laughing. Scroll down for some fun. If this kind of content is your thing, our previous post is also right up your alley.

#1. University of Potato Ice

Source: Smiling_longhair6870

#2. That's what your mom said

Source: Kawaii_Trap_Guy

#3. Where’s the queue??

Source: pabs1988

#4. Forbidden amuse yourself

Source: solenn345

#5. Please do not enter the minors

Source: MxZiFy

#6. Do not any of the above

Source: jacktheamazing12354

#7. Does Bruno mars is gay?

Source: scootdog31

#8. "Cancer dog get cancer 10 times more cance than you an me"

Source: scootdog31

#9. The anti-Paul department should be held responsible for this

Source: isuckl0lz

#10. Like a God!

Source: Lingering_Dorkness

#11. What

Source: cruise-boater

#12. Chinese Cock Wanted

Source: asportnoy

#13. Yeah, Mike

Source: Manalor

#14. "STOP! DON'T STOP! DONE! What do you want from me?!"

Source: Embarrassed_Radio630

#15. Pullsh

Source: True-Tomatillo7455

#16. Yes, Feman and Male Man

Source: Cheap_Initial

#17. Specifically on Sunday. Don’t do it on any other day!

Source: isuckl0lz

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