17 Bizarre Things You Might Not Know Actually Exist

"Of course, that's a thing". That's probably what you are likely to say when you see things in the list below. You might wonder why and how they could even exist in this life but yes, there they are. They could be products of true creativity or they could be the results of insane ideas. It's up to you to decide.
Now let's scroll down to see our selection of bizarre things you have no idea exist. Have a good time reading and don't forget to join r/ofcoursethatsathing on Reddit.

#1. LED toilet paper holder. Gradual color-changing glow for standard rolls

Source: Adan714

#2. Hot dog gummies

Source: photog608

#3. Where else would you dip your chicken when you drive?

Source: GhostTurdz

#4. Indeed God has abandoned us

Source: ClassWarAndPuppies

#5. Catchup and meowstard

Source: toohottooheavy

#6. It'll quench ya

Source: RealBobobo-boBo-bobo

#7. This deodorant scent (flavour?)

Source: Gregrodilanti

#8. "Mom, I have to admit one thing to you, I'm actually guacamole"

Source: Hashmashtrash

#9. The Clearly Impossible Puzzle

Source: ummokaypal

#10. Just a holder for the bowel towels

Source: naturebeatsnurture

#11. Candle candlestick holder

Source: Transomniak

#12. Realistic Fish Pillow

Source: lisq199

#13. This hummingbird-feeding helmet

Source: Xander395

#14. Airplane spoon

Source: xGenjiMainx

#15. "Take my money"

Source: Swishizzo

#16. Sneaker raincoats

Source: Nocte_Mortis

#17. "I kind of want this"

Source: PinheadGoo

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