16 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up What It's Like To Be A Woman In 2022

Being a woman is not easy. Although our society has positively changed and women have been given more rights compared to the past, it doesn't mean that women are already free from suffering. Having menstrual bleeding every month, hair loss, gender roles, stereotypes, etc. However, this year somehow figured out a way to make it even much more difficult for them to be a woman in 2022. If you keep up with the news, you must have been informed that several states in the USA have officially banned abortion. But that is just one of the terrible things that happened to them this year. However, our strong women don’t just give up way easily. They make us take our hat off to them by dealing with problems with their perfect sense of humor.
We’ve scoured the Internet and been entertained with so many funny tweets by women that would make a good summary for the year 2022. Scroll down to check our list of 16 best ones!

#1. Pretty easy, be hot and then not care about that dude at all

Be A Woman In 2022Source: lilsmichelle

#2. Such a fantastic start

Source: AnnaAkana

#3. Love is blind

Source: edmthotiana

#4. Well that is funny, politically relevant, suggestive and on point all at once!

Source: omgskr

#5. "Lava looks pretty cool honestly I know it’ll burn/kill me but I wanna touch it"

Source: abbygov

#6. Why don't people unfollow each other once they stop dating?

Source: nazzobetweeting

#7. Why’s this man name meatball?

Source: quakerraina

#8. Folks can’t get past the delusion that they’re cute

Be A Woman In 2022Source: msLAS

#9. Having boobs is a struggle

Be A Woman In 2022Source: elizamclamb


Be A Woman In 2022Source: miss_pissyy

#11. "Pro-life" but no paid maternity leave, no free prenatal care, no free childcare. Yeah, okay.

Source: kenkhristine

#12. "I don't think they mean it like that but okay"

Be A Woman In 2022Source: inthiswcrld

#13. "Looking more like sun out, guns out this season, amirite?"

Source: omgskr

#14. Then they reveal they want one too

Be A Woman In 2022Source: ginnyhogan_

#15. “You’ve been so distant ever since I cheated” oh fr

Be A Woman In 2022Source: Noorthevirgo

#16. Self-cleaning

Be A Woman In 2022Source: anne_sundell

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