16 Frustrating Situations Anyone Has Been In Would Throw A Tantrum

Whoever says life is filled with beautiful and sweet things must have not seen enough. When you expect it the least, life will find a way to put you in frustrating situations that will drive you up the wall. What if one day you wake up early in the morning full of energy, but then you find out your house is invaded by cockroaches? That's very awful just imagining it.
Today, we compiled a list of 16 irritating circumstances that will make your blood boil. Scroll down to check out and see if you have ever been in situations like these.

#1. Never try someone else’s rings

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#2. 7:00 on a Saturday Night. No TP in the Restaurant

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#3. "The boy’s bathroom at my school"

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#4. "I asked for no mayonnaise"

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#5. "Roommate crashed my car while borrowing it to go to work then refuses to pay anything unless I let her continue to drive it in the future"

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#6. "When I went out to shut off the smoker and put the cover on, I come back to my wife having ate all the skin."

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#7. "Happened on my way to work…"

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#8. "Ordered from Instacart for the first time and this is how the chicken came"

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#9. "My $120(AUD) jeans fraying here after 3 months of use"

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#10. "Asked bf to put SOME tp in the bathroom"

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#11. "Saw this on my way home. I really don’t understand why horse riders think this is ok, it happens quite often in my area."

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#12. Entitled assholes who block the sidewalk

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#13. "My boyfriend’s roommate doesn’t wash his pan between uses."

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#14. "What I was greeted by this moring at work, first day after Christmas break"

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#15. "I will never financially recover from this"


#16. "Been asking the landlord to investigate the sagging roof in my kitchen for months now, came home to find this tonight"

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