16 Fearless Celebs Who Aren't Afraid To Be Real And Inspire Self-Acceptance

We all have Sunday mornings when we keep scrolling through social media feeds, and eventually are fed up with picture-perfect celebrities, with seemingly perfect lives. Then you and I, we all look at our not-so-perfect fake tan, messy greasy hair,  acne and scars, and OMG our confidence went down to zero in a flash!
My dear, we all need a refreshing dose of reality and body positivity. It’s time to stop doubting and start loving our imperfections! In a world where beauty standards and societal expectations can be overwhelming, there are still some celebs who aren't afraid to show their true selves, and inspire self-acceptance in all of us. Whether it’s stretch marks or leg hair, they showed us that we are all fabulously flawed.
So, if you're in need of a little self-love, keep scrolling and feel inspired to live without fear of judgment, and love ourselves just the way we are.

#1 Katie Holmes embraces the stunning stretch marks on her belly. To all moms, let's be proud!

Source: © katieholmes / Instagram

#2 We all love how Lizzo maintains a positive relationship with her own body.

Source: © lizzobeeating / Instagram

#3 Chrissy Teigen consistently shows new mothers that motherhood is not meant to be perfect, and it shouldn't be.

Source: © chrissyteigen / Instagram© chrissyteigen / Instagram

#4 We all have acne and other skin problems, just like Keke Palmer

Source: © keke / Instagram© keke / Instagram

#5 Model Denise Bidot looks hotter than ever with her beach body.

Source: © denisebidot / Instagram

#6 Gray hair and no makeup: No problem for Salma Hayek our queen.

Source: © salmahayek / Instagram

#7 Rihanna proves that leg hair can be pretty too!

Source: © badgalriri / Instagram

#8 Cardi B slays with no makeup and complex hairdos with her kid at home.

Source: © iamcardib / Twitter

#9 Tyra Banks allows herself to step away from the wigs and makeup.

Source: © tyrabanks / Instagram

#10 Kesha’s natural freckles are everything! We are obsessed!

Source: © iiswhoiis / Instagram

#11 Jaime King doesn't roll out of her bed looking glam, just like us all.

Source: © jaime_king / Instagram

#12 Olivia Munn feels confident to show her very-much-normal cellulite.

Source: © oliviamunn / Instagram

#13 Like most of us, Mindy Kaling has tiny bumps on her face.

Source: © oliviamunn / Instagram

#14 Ali Fedotowsky is proud of her tummy. Her lovely kids were born thanks to it and that's not a "flaw"!

Source: © ali.manno / Instagram

#15 Lady Gaga doesn't even bother to hide her chest stretch marks.

Source: © ladygaga / Instagram

#16 Lele Pons regularly shares authentic pics with her followers.

Source: © lelepons / Instagram

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