16 Examples Of 'Perfect Fits' That Are Designed For Perfection Lovers

Have you ever stumbled into two unrelated things that accidentally fit so well with each other? For example, your slice of bread has exactly the same size and shape as your slice of bacon. Spotting things like those makes us feel magic is a real thing in this life. If you love to see that kind of photo, you might consider checking this online community on Reddit titled r/Perfectfit. This subreddit is dedicated to sharing pics of two random things that oddly and satisfyingly fit perfectly into each other.
We made a compilation of 16 of the most surprising and hilarious pics that prove perfect fits really exist. Scroll down to see for yourself. Check out our previous post here!

#1. Hmmm good angles

Source: thelostelite

#2. So that's how cars in the Cars Movies make more cars

Source: Troliver_13

#3. "I finally fit in". Okay, congrats tho!

Source: banneddimness91

#4. God has chosen this vehicle, there is no way it can run away from its destiny

Source: dwydwy555555

#5. "I wasn’t bready for this one"

Source: Stuie356

#6. "My grandpa playing a standup bass."

Source: skatermario3

#7. "My curved TV in the corner of my bedroom."

Source: Jesseb1988

#8. One of the stranger perfect fits, a baby human and a baby fish

Source: P1xelFang

#9. The shelves in this store

Perfect FitsSource: Nxsclothing

#10. This can't be an accident.

Perfect FitsSource: 5_Frog_Margin

#11. This oval picture frame.

Perfect FitsSource: peturthor17

#12. "I dropped a carrot at work"

Perfect FitsSource: bjones128

#13. Calcifers mask

Perfect FitsSource: beefintearsofsoy

#14. "I perfectly fit between our island and ceiling!"

Perfect FitsSource: teala

#15. It actually fits, maybe it should stay here forever

Perfect FitsSource: greatbigballsoffire

#16. "Jeez is it just me or does it look like they have made a block entity and slapped a log texture on there"

Perfect FitsSource: GeneralDan29

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