16 Before And After Photos Of Celebrities Depicting The Power Of Dye Job

For many people who plan to change their hair color, the “should I or shouldn’t I” internal struggle is very real. For celebrities, on the other hand, the decision is pretty much a no-brainer.
It’s true that natural hair color is somewhat of a myth in Hollywood. Over the years, plenty of famous people switch up their natural-born shades for hues on the complete opposite end of the color spectrum.
For example, Jennifer Lawrence went from brown to platinum and hit every shade in between. Lucy Hale is worth introducing. She becomes the undisputed queen of the hair-color rainbow. If these celebrity hair-color transformations prove anything, it’s that you can pick more than one hue. While most of us switch up our hair for vanity purposes, sometimes the right hairstyle in Hollywood can mean life or death for a celeb’s career.
If you want to see celebrities who got a completely new look after dying their hair, scroll down to see. You can see more in this article.

#1 Hilary Duff

The Power Of Dye JobSource: East News© hilaryduff / Instagram

#2 Julianne Hough

The Power Of Dye JobSource: Jack Shea / East News© juleshough / Instagram

#3 Lauren Alaina

The Power Of Dye JobSource: Gilbert Flores / EAST NEWS© laurenalaina / Instagram

#4 Ruby Rose

The Power Of Dye JobSource: Grosby Group/East News© rubyrose / Instagram

#5 Ariel Winter

The Power Of Dye JobSource: JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / East News© arielwinter / Instagram

#6 Katy Perry

The Power Of Dye JobSource: EAST NEWS, AXELLE / East News

#7 Joey King

Source: Gilbert Flores / East News, East News

#8 Kylie Jenner

The Power Of Dye JobSource: Gilbert Flores / East News© kyliejenner / Instagram

#9 Elisabeth Moss

Source: Matt Baron / EAST NEWS, Evan Agostini / East News

#10 Hailey Bieber

Source: Xavier Collin / East News© haileybieber / Instagram

#11 Bella Thorne

Source: East News, East News

#12 Nicki Minaj

Source: Hahn Lionel / East News© nickiminaj / Instagram

#13 Emily Ratajkowski

Source: © emrata / Instagram© emrata / Instagram

#14 Sydney Sweeney

Source: East News© sydney_sweeney / Instagram

#15 Rihanna

Source: East News, East News

#16 Maisie Williams

Source: Marechal Aurore / East News© maisie_williams / Instagram

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