16 Absurd Duct Tape Repairs That Will Make You Snort With Laughter

We don't know much but we do know this: duct tapes are not magic, they just can't repair everything. Although we are not experts in fixing things, sometimes we still can tell whether we should call a plumber to fix our leaky pipe or just throw it in the trash and replace it with the new one. However, some stubborn people are overconfident about their judgment ability and repairing skills, they insist on fixing things themselves with a duct tape roll. The results are, of course, nothing but some jokes. If you need a reason to laugh really hard today, keep scrolling down.
We scoured the Internet to find 16 examples of stupid duct tape repairs that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Check them out!

#1. Just buy a new riser kit!!!

Source: AMS Plumbing & Heating Services

#2. If this year was a car

Source: dosequisxx

#3. Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool

Source: insaatrehberim

#4. Duct tape fixes everything

Source: imgur

#5. Whose idea is that? We need to talk!

Duct Tape RepairsSource:

#6. Toilet falling off wall

Duct Tape RepairsSource: imgur

#7. Nothing a duct tape can’t fix

Duct Tape RepairsSource: linkele

#8. Fixed the car, honey!

Source: drive2krasnodar

#9. Duct tape fixes anything, prove me wrong!

Source: raydoeksen

#10. Fixed it, boss! Noone will ever question about this blue tape

Duct Tape RepairsSource: unknown

#11. It looks like new, how did you do it?

Source: unknown

#12. "So I guess duct tape is fine for side walk repairs..."

Duct Tape RepairsSource: imgur

#13. Handmade bag⁠⁠. Such a good solution when you can't afford a "real" bag

Source: akopov

#14. "Our flight was delayed for this “professional” repair. Duct tape really is magical!"

Duct Tape RepairsSource: sagecottagearchitects

#15. Quick pole fix. It actually worked but no one knows for how long

Duct Tape RepairsSource: imgur

#16. Anyone got a welder's mask? No? Well does anyone have any duct tape?

Source: astraboy

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