15 TV Show Moments That Break Our Hearts Without Anyone Dying

Shows are a great way to unwind and escape the boring reality we face every day. However, not all TV shows are happy. In fact, some can make us cry our eyes out pretty easily. No need to use the character-death card, these TV Show moments can still break our hearts just fine.
Internet users have shared the saddest moments of their favorite shows, and it seems that a lot of people are traumatized by these scenes. So let’s see what is so sad about these TV show moments and how they still make us cry without killing any of our favorite characters.

1. Euphoria

TV show moments EuphoriaSource: HBO

When Rue realized that her stash of drugs was gone, she completely broke down and started screaming at her mom. She didn’t mean to, but the suffering she was going through was just too much and she lashed out at everyone she loved. This emotional scene takes a lot of our tears and Zendaya 100% deserves her Emmy.

2. Supernatural

TV show moments SupernaturalSource: The CW

When Dean told Sam about his time being forced to torture people in hell, his confession broke many viewers’ hearts. The pain in Jensen Ackles’s eyes and his voice is so real it kills us every time.

3. Grey's Anatomy

TV show moments Grey's AnatomySource: ABC

This is easily one of the most touching TV show moments ever. When a sexual assault survivor went into surgery, all of the women at Grey Sloan just lined the hall to cheer her on. This moment never fails in bringing tears to our eyes.

4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

TV show moments The Falcon and the Winter SoldierSource: Marvel / Disney

Bucky has a lot of emotional baggage, but his guilt about the time he was Winter Soldier is the heaviest. During this scene when Bucky confessed to Sam that he was worried Steve was wrong about him, the viewers can’t help but root for him.

5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

TV show moments Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Source: ABC / Marvel

Bobbi and Hunter deserved their spots on the team. It’s just so sad that they have to leave, but it makes the moment when the whole team comes to say goodbye to them 10 times sweeter.

6. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

TV show moments  The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirSource: NBC

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is mostly funny and lighthearted. But the viewers lost it when Will broke down in front of Uncle Phil over his dad leaving again. That scene just hit a little too close to home for many of us.

7. The Summer I Turned Pretty

TV show moments The Summer I Turned PrettySource: Prime Video

On The Summer I Turned Pretty, when Belly, Jeremiah, and Steven learned that Susannah's cancer returned and that Conrad had known all summer.

8. Never Have I Ever

TV show moments  Never Have I EverSource: Netflix

The reason Devi didn’t want to go to a boarding school is just sad. She told her mom she didn't want to leave because it meant they wouldn't be together. This moment sure brokes the hearts of millions of people who are watching the show.

9. One Tree Hill

One Tree HillSource: The CW

One of the most depressing moments in One Tree Hill must be when Brooke begged Julian to save Jamie before he saved her. Their car was slowly filling up with water after a car crash and the chance of Brooke’s survival was slipping away fast. Yet she made sure that Julian got Jamie first.

10. Angel

AngelSource: Warner Bros

In this episode, Angel got to spend a day as a human with Buffy. However, they had to reset the day and erase every event that happened. The ending where Angel and Buffy hugged each other and said their goodbyes are just so sad. The actors were so caught up in that moment that David Boreanaz accidentally said "Sarah" instead of Buffy. Their pain was just too much for the viewers.

11. Maid

MaidSource: Netflix

The scene where Regina took Alex and Maddy to the domestic violence shelter. Alex was holding Maddy and crying her heart out. The abuse from Sean was too much and she finally couldn't take it anymore. We can all agree that she deserves much better.

12. Criminal Minds

Criminal MindsSource: CBS

The scene when Emily listened to Gracia's message saying everyone was coming to help her is just sad. Probably one of the saddest moments in the show.

13. The Good Place

The Good PlaceSource: NBC

Chidi's goodbye to Eleanor before his memories got wiped makes the fans depressed. And they have to include the montage about all the times Chidi and Eleanor fell in love throughout the reboots. Who needs a heart anyways, right?

14. Boy Meets World

Boy Meets WorldSource: ABC

If the scene of Mr. Feeny saying goodbye to his class one last time can't make you shed a tear, then nothing will.

15. Wynonna Earp

Wynonna EarpSource: SYFY

When Jolene kept repeating how nobody loved Waverly right in front of her. This scene depicted the worst fear of someone who is suffering from depression. And when Waverly reminds herself that simply existing with her loved ones is enough, a lot of us completely break down.
Those are some of the most heartbreaking TV show moments that don’t involve a character’s end. Are there any moments you want to add to our list? Speaking of epic moments, did you know that these great movie scenes only got one take because there was no other choice? No redo, no makeover, it’s either go big or go home.
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