15 Times People Underwent Something So Special That They Can't Wait To Share

We’ve all had that very worst day combo. 3 hours of sleep combined with a car that won't start, add piles of work sitting on your desk and a call from tax inspection (add your scenario here) and voila, your day has just turned into a nightmare. Call them first world problems, but whoever has been there knows very well just how much it takes to cool off your boiling blood.
Luckily, there’s one band-aid known to humanity that eases this pain. And it’s knowing that someone out there is going through a wayyy worse day. Like, worse². Both vile and soothing, we present you with the compilation of the most severe day-breaking fails that are impossible not to laugh at.

#1. So I started work as a beekeeper last week

Source: ***_boi

#2. Heard my dog playing with something in the other room. There goes my deposit.

Source: JohnnyRico92

#3. Accidentally locked myself in my room today and my roommate is not home of course.

Source: b3_yourself

#4. Bird flew straight into the window and left a mark

Source: cuki321

#5. Waited 5 years for this cactus to bloom. Leaving for a 5-day trip, when I noticed this

Source: thegreatvolcanodiver

#6. A bird pooed in the open mouthpiece of my coffee

Source: JackedRussellT*ror

#7. Currently stuck in an elevator in my apartment building, was told about 40 minutes until the tech arrives, and I have to pee

Source: c4boos3

#8. Was pretty excited that my Father’s Day present came early

Source: trulymadlybigly

#9. My father had to be freed from the locked toilet this morning

Source: NeverKlas

#10. I put ribs on, logged into work, and here we are 2 hours later

Source: RadixLecti72

#11. Working from home and snuck out to grab some coffee because how is anyone going to know. Then the universe said otherwise

Source: BeTheWizard19

#12. I guess you shouldn’t put glass windows over grass when it’s 22°C

Source: YumLoopYT

#13. My friend fell down the stairs in our Airbnb

Source: Jaunt-

#14. Nothing better to start your morning than dropping a full jar of glitter

Source: Jordydex

#15. Halfway into the pizza, noticed there’s a huge footprint inside the pizza box

Source: Werocia

#16. Opened our lockbox today to find mold had been happily eating our passports and marriage certificate

Source: mike_pants

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