15+ Silly Celebrity Tweets That Got Erased Embarrassingly And Quickly

Social media gives space for superstars to keep and expand their influence. Nevertheless, it has a reverse blade that cuts their pride if they misuse it. Because social networks have flexibility, many shameful announcements from celebrity accounts have been taken down before they led to more troublesome scandals. Still, several silly tweets from those famous people will live forever since they were screen-capped.
Because of the 24/7 eagle eyes on them, celebrities learn they should not mess up with netizens. Tweeting without thinking or making people cringe on the internet will make them regret it later, even though they can erase their words quickly. Despise no laws about fining stupid tweets, those superstars will have to bear the idiot-online title for the rest of their lives.
Scroll through some of the most infamous and iconic deleted celeb tweets we have rounded below!

#1. Rob Kardashian

Source: USCGouldLaw

#2. Mary J. Blige

Source: maryjblige

#3. Ariana Grande (The tattoo means Japanese BBQ)

Source: ArianaGrande

#4. Rita Ora removed this tweet and said she would release the song when it was ready.

Source: twitter

#5. Charlie Sheen tweeted his phone number

Source: charliesheen

#6. Oprah Winfrey promoted Microsoft Surface while tweeting from her Apple device

Source: Oprah

#7. Kim Kardashian

Source: KimKardashian

#8. Kirstie Alley tweeted about Stephen Hawking

Source: kirstiealley

#9. Zac Efron

Source: twitter

#10. Gilbert Gottfried tweeted about the tsunami in Japan in 2011.

Source: twitter

#11. Mia Farrow Forgot To Crop Out This Search Bar

Source: MiaFarrow

#12. Kevin Hart's Homophobic Tweets And Comments

Source: adambvary,KevinHart4real

#13. Hailey Baldwin

Source: twitter

#14. Fergie

Source: twitter

#15. Nev Schulman

Source: twitter

#16. Susan Boyle (#susanalbumparty was mistaken for sus anal bum party)

Source: twitter

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