15 Photos of 19th-Century Celebrities That Prove Filters Already Existed Back Then

celebrities have always been a major draw of our attention, and often get mentioned by the press. This seemingly never changes over time. When it comes to famous people, we think of the glossy pictures we see in popular magazines like People, US, or The National Enquirer.
Although these stunning modern celebrity shoots, photos of famous people in the 19th century are fascinating and really give you a great look at photography’s roots. There used to be a time when the paparazzi or photographers didn’t exist and stars would have to sit down for their photos. Though painting and photography seem to have no relation, sometimes they had little to do with each other, showing that retouching was already applied back in the day.
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#1 Ada Lovelace: mathematician and writer, considered the first programmer (1815-1852)

Photos of 19th-Century CelebritiesSource: © Science Museum Group / Alfred Edward Chalon© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Antoine Claudet / Wikimedia Commons© CC BY-SA 4.0 / Creative Commons

#2 Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen: wife of King Wilhelm IV of the United Kingdom (1792-1849)

Photos of 19th-Century CelebritiesSource: © William Beechey / Art UK© Public Domain / Creative Commons© W. and D. Downey / Memories of Madras© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#3 Rosalía de Castro: poetess and novelist (1837-1885)

Photos of 19th-Century CelebritiesSource: v© Modesto Brocos Gómez© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Luis Sellier© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#4 María de las Mercedes de Orleans: wife of King Alfonso XII of Spain (1860-1878)

Photos of 19th-Century CelebritiesSource: © José Denis Belgrano / MUPAM Museo del Patrimonio Municipal© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Beauchy y Rodriguez photography© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#5 Eugénie de Montijo: wife of Napoleon III and Empress Consort of France (1826-1920)

Photos of 19th-Century CelebritiesSource: © Franz Xaver Winterhalter / Château de Compiègne /© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#6 Elisabeth of Bavaria, “Sissi”: Bavarian princess and wife of King Franz Joseph I of Austria (1837-1898)

Photos of 19th-Century CelebritiesSource: © Georg Martin Ignaz Raab /© Publc Domain / Creative Commons© Emil Rabending© Publc Domain / Creative Commons

#7 Wilhelmina of the Netherlands: Queen of the Netherlands (1860-1962)

Source: © Pieter de Josselin de Jong / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Félix Potin et Cie / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#8 Maria Pia of Savoy: Princess of Sardinia and Italy and Queen of Portugal (1847-1911)

Source: © Carolus-Duran / Palace of Ajuda© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Hemeroteca Digital de Lisboa© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#9 Margherita Teresa of Savoy: Queen consort and wife of Humbert I of Italy (1851-1926)

Source: © Michele Gordigiani / Royal Palace of Turin / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Giacomo Brogi / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#10 Elisabeth of Wied: Queen consort and wife of King Charles I of Romania (1843-1916)

Source: © George Peter Alexander Healy / Muzeul Național Peleș din Sinaia / Wikimedia Commons© CC0 1.0 / Creative Commons© Wikimedia Commons© Public DOmain / Creative Commons

#11 Elena of Waldeck and Pyrmont: princess consort and wife of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany (1861-1922)

Source: © Carl Rudolph Sohn / Royal Collection / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Unknow author / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain

#12 Josephine Frederica of Baden: Princess Consort of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1813-1900)

Source: © Unknow author / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Royal Collections / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#13 Anna de Noailles: Countess Mathieu de Noailles and poetess (1876-1933)

Source: © Philip de Laszlo / Musée d'Orsay / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons© G.-L. Manuel frères / Gallica Digital Library / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#14 Genara Maria de Braganza: imperial princess of Brazil and member of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies by marriage (1822-1901)

Source: © Mariani Giovanni Battista© CC BY-SA 4.0 / Creative Commons© Alphonse Bernoud / Lago, Bia Corrêa do; Corrêa do Lago, Pedro. Coleção Princesa Isabel: Fotografia do século XIX / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons

#15 Francisca de Braganza: Princess of Orleans, Princess of Brazil and Infanta of Portugal (1824-1898)

Source: © Franz Xaver Winterhalter / Palace of Versailles / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain / Creative Commons© Ludwig Angerer© CC BY-SA 4.0 / Creative Commons

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