15 People Who Won Christmas With Their Hilarious Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Christmas is coming real soon, have you done preparing gifts for your loved ones? This year, if you want to create a really really deep impression on those who receive your gifts, we have good news for you. The people in the list below can give you some advice on wrapping gifts in a way that no one dares to forget. From wittily letting everyone knows what your gift is through the way you wrap it to adding a new twist to it.
We scoured the Internet to find 15 hilarious gift-wrapping ideas to share with you. Scroll down to see for yourself. Check out our website for more funny posts and Entertainment news!

#1. "How one of my coworkers wrapped his Secret Santa gift"

Source: trevorda92

#2. "My husband will NEVER guess what I got him for Christmas"

Source: S_L33T

#3. "Got my fiance a big package for Xmas. Gonna be spreading more than just Christmas joy this year."

Source: Zirleth

#4. "Ready to wrap my Christmas gifts."

Source: Celestial-Salamander

#5. "How my mom wrapped my sister's rug for Christmas."

Source: pvsa

#6. "Our family has a 35+ year tradition of disguising Christmas gifts. This took over 80 hours to build."

Source: altrefrain

#7. "I wrapped a Darth Vader for my dad. I couldn't figure out where to put the light saber."

Source: Snoozinmas

#8. "My Dad told me to get creative when wrapping my Mom's present. Am I doing this right?"

Hilarious Gift-Wrapping IdeasSource: Snoozinmas

#9. "You can’t tell what I got my Dad for Christmas…."

Hilarious Gift-Wrapping IdeasSource: Goatonaboat_

#10. Concert tickets, wrapped!

Hilarious Gift-Wrapping IdeasSource: TIBF

#11. "My co-worker told me I had no holiday spirit so I wrapped him a gift."

Hilarious Gift-Wrapping IdeasSource: flapper_jack

#12. "Every year I try to disguise my sister's Christmas present. This year I think I went a little too far..."

Hilarious Gift-Wrapping IdeasSource: geoffreythehamster

#13. "My friend finished wrapping his wife's presents. Left one a perfume, right one a sweater."

Hilarious Gift-Wrapping IdeasSource: mowa111

#14. "My dad drilled a hole in a piece of wood to hide a ring box for my mom. "

Hilarious Gift-Wrapping IdeasSource: westrox11

#15. "My friend wrapped up a toilet plunger for our white elephant party."

Hilarious Gift-Wrapping IdeasSource: drunkasaurus_rex

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