15 Package Design Fails That Should Go Straight To Hell

Marketing is just like a competition and the award goes to whoever comes up with the most attractive and good-looking package for their products. Indeed, when people have yet to use a product, they will doubt if the quality could live up to their expectations. Perhaps what could affect their decision to buy something they’re not sure about is how appealing the product looks to them. However, it seems like a few people in this business don't get that mind trick and end up with packaging design fails that look like hilarious jokes. But that’s not the worst. In the contrast, some know their job too well and start playing dirty tricks with customers. They know how to make their products look so good and so big but the results are just disappointing. Remember one time you expected a box full of cookies but turned out there were just a few?
To show you what we've talked about, here is a list of 15 packaging design fails that should be banned from existing in this life. Scroll down to see and don't forget to check out our previous post here.

#1. “Sometimes I think that this type of packaging can be used as a barometer to measure human stupidity.”

Source: Ecoblog Nonoa

#2. Soup for Sl*ts

Source: Towie Lee

#3. Barbie and Ken

Source: pinterest

#4. Melons: a special edition for lazy-bones

Source: awastefreeworld

#5. Wow that could have been a bad choice

Source: charleselliott33

#6. Look at those knockers

Source: Geedyeon

#7. Dinosaurs

Source: pinterest

#8. Tastes like Grandma

Source: weknowmemes

#9. Purposely misleading labels

Source: shockrush

#10. Barbie

packaging design failsSource: imgur

#11. Ah yes watermelon

packaging design failsSource: imgur

#12. Now wait one god dam second

packaging design failsSource: sherlockhomeboy23

#13. Well then

packaging design failsSource: boarqing

#14. Packaging that tricks you

packaging design failsSource: NoFixedName

#15. Milk under the bowl

packaging design failsSource: imgur

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