15 Of The Worst Tattoos That Will Make You Doubt People's Artistry

Most people are aware that tattoos are essentially permanent body art. And yet, occasionally, we come across individuals sporting dubious body art—the majority of them even seem to be proud of it! Unfortunately, over 50% of Americans with tattoos later regret getting them.
You'd be shocked at some of the strange tattoos people come up with, including forehead eagles and bright blobs that are supposed to resemble galaxies. Check out the image below for a collection of hilariously terrible tattoos; maybe it will act as a warning before you decide to get tattooed.

#1. Some guy tried to copy my tattoo artist's work = nipple tattooed on his arm

Source: Imgur

#2. It's supposed to be a galaxy...

Source: Imgur

#3. Dude sure loves his turtle

Source: Imgur

#4. Nailed it

Source: Imgur

#5. The concept looked so promising...

Source: Imgur

#6. Scars dont heal

Source: u/Owdin

#7. "O no! Can you remove that S?" "Say no more, fam"

Source: u/bobby2286

#8. Vapor Wolf

Source: Imgur

#9. Terrifying

Source: u/throckmorton_

#10. My roommate got mad when I laughed, am I in the wrong?

Source: u/Trailer_Trash94

#11. Dog Tits

Source: JeffreyTheAlpaca

#12. Friend bought a tattoo gun on amazon for £100. Tattooed Darth Vader on himself.

Source: u/[deleted]

#13. “My own design”

Source: u/mact3n

#14. Christopher Walken or Steve Buscemi?

Source: Imgur

#15. Just found this beauty on facebook

Source: u/kingneeko

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