15+ Hilarious "Beware Of The Dog" Signs And The Very Dangerous Dogs Behind Them

Beware of the dog (or Beware of dog) is a warning sign telling that a dangerous dog is behind the sign. Still, the meaning of the sign has changed a lot over the decades. Such signs can be placed to deter burglary or keep their distance from strangers.
However, the meaning of the "Beware of the dog" sign goes beyond our imagination. Following a different kind of change, the dangerous definition also changes as a result. Like, cuteness can hurt people as well as danger. Meanwhile, some owners of the dog are too lazy to take down the sign before another animal comes in. That really causes a hilarious situation in that visitors will burst out laughing. Let's scroll down and check them out!

#1 Beware of tonnes of cuteness.

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#2 There are too many signs.

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#3 What kind of dog is this?

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#4 When your pets side with each other:

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#5 It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s good.

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#6 Humor is the best weapon.

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#7 “Dog” is just a name.

Source: © ToothMan22 / reddit

#8 I guess something went wrong.

Source: © BFGUN / reddit

#9 This is how I lost all of my fears.

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#10 I’d believe the sign if the entrance wasn’t so small.


#11 This must mean that their dog loves everyone.

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#12 He wants to play a little game with you.


#13 You may need a dog’s help to get in.

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#14 Things are not always what they seem.

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#15 Hey, man! Down here!

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#16 Free concert for those coming to this house!

Source: © MeraLaserDesign / Etsy

#17 We are all kids deep inside.

Source: © Eaglezzz / reddit

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