15 Former Classmates Share What The “Pretty Girl” Of Their High School Is Doing Now

For the majority of us, high school has passed, but the friendships and memories often do not. It's far too simple to stay in touch and up to date on events in each person's life, especially with the widespread use of social media.
While the majority of Movies make it clear that high school is unimportant and not a realistic indicator of the success you can have in the real world, it's preferable to ask real people whether this still holds true in the present. Hence, when a Redditor started a discussion asking if anyone remembered the prettiest female in high school, whether they were bullies user nice, and what they might be doing now, many came up to provide the answers.


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Both the girl who was homecoming queen and the guy who was homecoming king my senior year ended up becoming teachers at our school. The guy got a teacher of the year award from our state government last year. He’s also a football coach (he played football in high school.)
Both of them were super nice to everyone. I’m glad they’re doing well.


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my high school was tiny so i’m just gonna go with the prettiest person i knew. she was also the most popular person i knew and super friendly to everyone. she’s now a professional ballerina and seems to be married to a nice guy
now that i think about it, my high school bullies were all pretty conventionally ugly. there were two main ones who made my life hell. the first one now sells insurance and the other one is deep into 3 mlms
you could say that karma gave these people the lives they deserved. but i also think that they were all also victims of circumstances. the ballerina had wealthy parents who enrolled her in the best dance classes from an early age. she learned from her mom how to be a kind person and how to do her makeup at a young age so that she’d be conventionally attractive. my hs bullies both came from broken and poor families and were only taught bad habits like overeating and judging others


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Bully. Also one of my closest friends.Today she’s working an IT job, and is dating somebody she’s been for the past half decade and thanks me for it and has also apologised for what she did to me.


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Bully and now she’s an Instagram model



She was scary but not a bully, she was friends with everyone and a REALLY good student
She became a lawyer, or something involving law.


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The prettiest girl/most popular in my school was my best friend. She was actually a good person but she was fake around others to gain popularity. I didn’t want to be friends with someone that was always competing with me and faking her way through high-school so we stopped talking senior year. In a way I feel bad for her, she thought she needed to be someone else to fit in. She lives in our small town still, does all the small town girl stuff and talks s**t about me to my friends that I still have there.


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The prettiest AND most popular girl in my class was very kind. She married her high school sweetheart, who was also very hot and kind. She is a pediatric physical therapist. I’m not sure what he does. They have 3 kids who look just like them. Totally unfair.


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There were plenty of pretty and mean girls in my highschool. But the prettiest girl, in my eyes, was a sweetheart. We didnt run with the same crowd so I didnt know her outside of chemistry class.I found out recently that she was hospitalized for anorexia her senior year and struggles with relapsing. But is successfull in the other areas of her life as far as I can tell.
I’ve struggle with binge eating disorder my whole life and feel kind of guilty for thinking she had the perfect body back then


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She was very quiet and kinda childish by drawing and printing out lots of Monster High images on the school computers and drawing sailor moon stuff, no she was not a bully but she took the nastiest s**t from every boy that was attracted to her and didn’t stood up for herself.
Now I see on her Facebook that she’s still dating many different weird guys, but whatever, I can’t stop her.


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Bully, she is married to a cop, is deep in a multi level marketing scheme.
Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person


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A stay at home mom of 3, miserable, alcoholic husband. That’s why peaking in high school is terrible.


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#1- She was a condescending and cliquish bully. She married a member of the basketball team who went pro outside of our country. They had three kids and quickly divorced. She had to start over (career, new location, etc.).
#2- She never overtly bullied anyone but her friends did. She had a very curated image and did seem to look down on people. She moved overseas. Works in the legal field. Married a foreign guy and has a baby. And shows her vacations to *this* private island or *that* yatch party. She’s very much about keeping up with appearances still.


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She was a brat to anyone who wasn’t a carbon copy of her. She ended up getting pregnant immediately out of high school and I believe had an ugly separation from her daughters father?
And honestly with age – I just felt bad for her. No one wants to go through those struggles.
I hope she’s better now.


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She wasn’t mean by any means, but she was definitely the type to be nice to keep up the image and was veeery different once you got to know her.She has 1.5m followers on TikTok now from doing “story times” and I was rooting for her until she randomly hit me and a friend of mine up a couple years ago by randomly throwing us all in a group chat together, said she “still took credit” for our friendship even though me and my friend met in middle school before we shared a class with her in high school. She basically wanted to do a “story time” about how we were sad emo losers in high school and she came along and became our friend and saved us. When we were reluctant into doing it, she tried bribing us with gifts and social media “shout outs.” She also uses a very obnoxious baby voice in her videos on social media although she’s almost 26 and she didn’t even sound like that back in high school.Now she’s pregnant with her boyfriend and every time I see her life on social media, I’m overwhelmingly reminded how fake and perfectly curated social media is.
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