15 Concepts In Movies That Make No Sense Whatsoever In Real Life

We get that movies are fun exaggerations to help us escape the dull reality, but sometimes the filmmakers just take things way too far. Some of the most popular concepts in movies are just so far from reality that they become quite annoying to watch over and over again. The first few times we see these tropes might be fun, but after watching them hundred times now, we just can’t help but roll our eyes and said “Really? Again?”
So when the people on Internet are asked about the most unrealistic concepts in movies that pissed them off, they have a lot to share. Here are some popular tropes in films that fail to work in real life. What movie cliché annoys you the most?

1. Digging a Hole

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In cartoons and movies, you can dig a hundred holes in a few minutes. In reality, you spend hours of back-breaking work to dig a six inches hole.

2. CPR

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CPR in real life is 100 times harder and more brutal. The pressing sometimes can even break your ribs. And it also can not magically bring you back to life after your heart stops, only defibrillation can.

3. Getting Knocked Out With a Blow to the Head

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People in the movie got knocked out with a blow to the head, fainted, and then woke up like they just had a nap and it was no big deal. In real life, getting knocked out with a blow to the head will likely cause head injuries, which can lead to pain, headache, and other problems for months if not years.

4. Lying in the Tall Grass

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Characters in the movie look so chill and relaxed when they are laying in the middle of a tall grass field. Try that in real life and you will find the glass digging into your back, not to mention the bites from the bugs that are infesting those fields. Yeah, not a very comfortable place to lie down at all.

5. Having Fun In Nightclubs

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Nightclubs always look so cool in films. You get to hang out with your friends, meet new interesting people and have fun group interactions. In reality, you are most likely to encounter grumpy strangers or rude drunkards. And the music is way too loud to have a decent conversation.

6. Or Theme Parks

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The filmmakers never mention the long hours waiting for the best rides or how expensive the foods in theme parks are. And let’s not forget the ultimate duo at every theme park: the overly excited kids with the overly annoyed/stressed out/angry parents.

7. Shooting A Gun Indoors

concepts in movies Shooting A Gun IndoorsSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Do not let Hollywood fool you, this trope is one of the most misleading concepts in movies ever. Shooting a gun indoors with no ear protection will most likely make you gone deaf. Those earmuffs you see at the shooting ranges are not for fun. They are there to protect you.

8. Casually Drinking Hard Liquor Out Of A Flask

concepts in movies Casually Drinking Hard Liquor Out Of A FlaskSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

It looks cool when a character in the movie takes out their flask and casually takes a sip of hard liquor. Do that in real life and everybody will think you’re an alcoholic.

9. Stalking Women

Stalking WomenSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

In movies, they call it surprising your crush with elaborate romantic gestures that will guarantee to win them over. In real life, it’s called stalking and it’s extremely creepy, especially if your crush doesn’t know who you are.

10. Elaborate Pranks

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There is at least one victim in every prank. Elaborate pranks are great for comedies and for the outside people who witness them, but not for the people who got pranked. Try the pranks you see in movies in real life and you’ll guarantee f**k up your relationships.

11. Kissing While Treading Water

Kissing While Treading WaterSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Kissing while treading water in real life is not nearly half as romantic as in the movies. You will probably kick your partner, knock heads, or get a mouthful of snot.

12. Being A Police Officer

Being A Police OfficerSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Being a police officer doesn’t mean you have to chase criminals or solve hard cases all day. In fact, 80% of it is paperwork. Quite boring you might say.

13. Fighting

FightingSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Nobody likes an aggressive person in real life. If you lose your temper easily and are quick to throw punches like the “tough guys” on TV, chances are no one would like to be near you in reality. You will scare all the girls away, not “get some babes” or whatever cool stuffs the movies come up with to fool you.

14. Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosion

Cool Guys Don’t Look At ExplosionSource: Chau Chat Chem

You should always run as fast as you can from an explosion, not slowly walking away from them while whipping out some cool sunglasses. And if somehow you’re lucky enough to not get knocked out by the explosion, your entire back will be bleeding from hundreds of cuts caused by flying glass and debris. This meme from an artist describes the situation perfectly.

15. Hacking

HackingSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Hacking in movies always looks so badass. In reality, it’s not. It normally takes a very long time, and hacking criminals usually try to lure their victims into giving them their passwords because it’s easier than conventional hacking. There is no big exciting screen of code, and you won’t be able to hack into anything after just twenty seconds dicking around.
Those are some of the most unrealistic concepts in movies. If your most hated movie cliché isn’t here, then maybe it’s in this post. Check out more things that are common in movies but rarely work in reality there!
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