14 Weird And Funny Gifts People Actually Received And Didn't Know They Should Laugh Or Cry

Everyone loves to receive gifts on special occasions because... who doesn't? It is a great way for people to express their love and affection for their family, friends, and lovers through presents and words in attached cards. However, for some, it is a chance for them to play pranks on the receivers. They get really creative and witty when it comes to picking cool, unique, unusual, and funny gifts that exceed all expectations. Some ideas are just so strange and hilarious, they deserve to be posted online for the amusement of the entire Internet. 

We’ve put together a selection of 14 weird yet funny gifts people were actually given on their special days. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. "One of my best friends just gave me this blanket for Christmas. I had to take a picture with the featured star!"

Source: got_the_ging

#2. "My buddy got this from his wife for Christmas - she wins!"

Source: rocketinpocket

#3. An apple watch

Source: SafiUrRehmanKha

#4. "Last year I forgot to get batteries for my niece’s toy so this year she got me this"

Source: panoparker

#5. A tiger dove

Source: DerArto

#6. Oliver got a Christmas gift

Source: cfatt

#7. "My dad couldn’t breathe when he handed me this in a gift bag just on the floor laughing tears in his eyes"

Source: ellomelissa

#8. He gave his wife a bouquet of dumplings in retaliation for a bouquet of socks

Source: M0rtyr

#9. "My sister & I compete for "worst present" each Christmas...she won this year"

funny giftsSource: Im_Not_Really_Here_

#10. "Friend of mine is a welder, here's his present for his boss."

Source: imgur

#11. "My partner and I did 5 minute crafts as our Christmas gifts to each other."

funny giftsSource: coralie_ann

#12. "My brother wanted a gift card for Christmas"

funny giftsSource: murdocktheavg

#13. "My friend is super into sharks and just got herself an early X-Mas gift"

funny giftsSource: EjQMi

#14. "I was gifted 5 pounds of unshelled pistachios for Christmas"

funny giftsSource: imyellingloudly

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