14 Most Bizarre Facts That People Should Totally Know About

Most of us are "fact seekers" who grew up playing Trivial Pursuit as a weekly family activity. In fact, it's amazing how much unrelated knowledge is stored in our brains and is only released when it's appropriate. While all of that is perfectly normal, it seems like there are quite a few folks out there who have taken their curation of their huge knowledge base to a point where it has us wondering how they even know this. But for the lingering questions about how these folks acquired this information in the first place, the facts presented below go far beyond the bounds of appropriate small conversation. That will carry on.


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If you plan on using a baseball bat as a weapon, put a long sock over the end. When someone tries to grab the bat you can rip it away with ease and continue with the baseball beatdown.

#2 The Machineel Tree is the deadliest plant in human history

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This will get buried but – Don’t ever bury a dead body in an Area without any vegetation. The high nitrogen content in our bodies helps plant to grow and there will be a weird grassy patch at the top of burial Site and anyone would be able to spot it.


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If you feed a human body to pigs, they will eat just about all of it except the teeth. Several murderers in rural areas have used this fact to their advantage.

#5 A human tooth has 36 calories.

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#6 If you’re allergic to chocolate you’re usually allergic to cockroaches.

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Back in the day, poor families would collect their urine so they could sell it to tanners. Hence, “p**s poor.”
If you were poorer than that, well, you didn’t even have a pot to p**s in.

#8 Blood bounces when it hits ice

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#10 Spinal fluid tastes like a mixture of bananas and a 9volt battery. And I don’t want to talk about it


#11 It is illegal to carry a fish suspiciously in the UK

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#12 That you should always use two hands to pick up a severed human head

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Human heads weigh about as much as a standard-size bowling ball, but unlike bowling balls, they are not perfectly spherical. Therefore, gravity is not evenly distributed across the entire head so they have a tendency to topple out of your hand if you try to hold them with just one. And nobody wants to be the person who drops a severed head.


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When you are drowning in salt water, the salt water makes your lungs bleed and you end up drowning in a mixture of water and your own blood.

#14 Tarantulas taste like shrimp

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