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  1. Sheldon's T-shirt
  2. Amy's apartment door number
  3. The characters’ outfits
  4. Bernadette's voice
  5. Number 73
  6. Amy’s painting
  7. Penny’s fridge is full of Easter eggs
  8. Amy' mom
  9. There is a real website for Stuart’s store
  10. All the equations in the show were accurate, except one
  11. Howard’s ringtone
  12. Psychic’s prophecy
  13. Broken elevator
  14. Howard’s belt buckles

14 Details In The Big Bang Theory That Escaped The Notice Of Many

Throughout its impressive 12-season run spanning over a decade, The Big Bang Theory's cast has managed to charm audiences with their quirks and nerdy sense of humor. Even with our meticulous rewatching of episodes, there are details where significant scenes and nuanced details slip through the cracks. 
But, no matter how tiny they are, they cannot escape from the eagle eyes of some film buffs. These hidden gems add an extra layer of enjoyment and excitement for those who love to dive deep into the beloved sitcom's universe, making us watch them in a different perspective.

#1. Sheldon's T-shirt

Sheldon's T-shirt color hints his emotions: red for anger, blue for sadness, orange for greed, yellow for fear, and purple for love.

#2. Amy's apartment door number

Amy's apartment door number corresponds to the first 3 digits of Pi and Albert Einstein's birthday (March 14).

#3. The characters’ outfits

The clothes the characters are washing in the laundry room mirror the outfits they wore in the preceding episode.

#4. Bernadette's voice

Bernadette's voice undergoes a shift from deep to high-pitched during the show. Actress Melissa Rauch drew inspiration from her own mother's tone.

#5. Number 73

Sheldon's favorite number is 73, and we discover the rationale in episode 73: it possesses unique properties, such as being the 21st prime number.

#6. Amy’s painting

The clothes depicted in Amy's painting is similar to the clothing Penny and Amy wore in the preceding episode, “The Vacation Solution.”

#7. Penny’s fridge is full of Easter eggs

We can see on Penny's refrigerator there are actual photos of Kaley Cuoco with cast members and crew from the series set.

#8. Amy' mom

Amy's character had 2 moms; the role was recast in season 11, switching from Annie O’Donnell to Cathy Bates.

#9. There is a real website for Stuart’s store

Stuart's comic book store once had a functioning website at, but it's no longer online.

#10. All the equations in the show were accurate, except one

The show's creators enlisted a physicist to ensure the accuracy of all equations in the series, except in one deliberately incorrect episode.

#11. Howard’s ringtone

Howard nearly had the show's theme song as his ringtone, opting for “She Blinded Me with Science.”

#12. Psychic’s prophecy

Penny, in a psychic's role, took Sheldon to foresee his Nobel Prize win after committing to Amy.

#13. Broken elevator

The perpetually broken elevator undergoes repair in the final episode.

#14. Howard’s belt buckles

Howard sports diverse belt buckles, with the last episode featuring the atom from the show's logo.
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