13 Iconic '90s Styles Now Back In Vogue On A Whole New Level

Despite the '90s having passed more than 30 years, everything from that period is starting to feel brand-new again. All the styles you loved then are officially back and more fashionable than before. Think about fanny packs, corsets, retro-inspired sunglasses, and cargo trousers! All of these classic outfits making a huge comeback, demonstrating how this decade has changed the fashion industry and has continued to inspire us. Just take a quick check at your TikTok or Instagram feeds and you'll probably see all your favorite celebrities and influencers wearing these retro outfits. There's no doubt about it: '90s fashion trends are now popular.
So for those who lived in that era or wished we did, we've rounded up the most popular '90s styles that are stronger now than ever. From space buns to plaid sets, there's no shortage of style inspiration for you to catch up with this trend! Scroll down to see which of your favorite styles are back in vogue.

#1 Corsets

Iconic '90s StylesSource: EVERETT COLLECTION/EAST NEWS© lilyjamesofficial / Instagram

#2 Chainmail dresses

Iconic '90s StylesSource: © / Alamy Stock Photo© lilyjamesofficial / Instagram

#3 Cardigans

Iconic '90s StylesSource: © Jawbreaker / Crossroadsfilms and co-producers© Dualipa / Instagram

#4 Chokers

Iconic '90s StylesSource: ASSOCIATED PRESS/East News, Joel Ryan/Invision/AP/East News

#5 ’90s leather jackets

Iconic '90s StylesSource: © s_bukley / DepositphotosBellocqimages/Associated Press/East News

#6 ’90s scarves

Iconic '90s StylesSource: Album Online/East News, Cyril Pecquenard/KCS/East News

#7 Plaid skirts

Iconic '90s StylesSource: © Empire Records / Monarchy Enterprises B.V. and co-producers

#8 Space buns

Iconic '90s StylesSource: © Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century / De Passe Entertainment© zoeisabellakravitz / Instagram

#9 Frosted lips

Iconic '90s StylesSource: THE BAYWATCH COMPANY / Album/EAST NEWS, © georgiamayjagger / Instagram

#10 Matching plaid sets

Iconic '90s StylesSource: © Clueless / Paramount Pictures

Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

#11 Retro-inspired sunglasses

Source: © Notting Hill / Polygram Filmed Entertainment and co-producers, © Haileybieber / Instagram

#12 Cargo pants

Source: PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS

Source:  RJ Capak/WireImage

#13 Butterfly hairclips

Source: Tony David /Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Source: © chiaraferragni / Instagram

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