12 Times That Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To Costumes For The Shake of Artistic Expression

It is said that period pieces have always been big hits in Hollywood. They make a great job of transporting us back in time to a period that we have never experienced. Costumes are a big part of it and the designer is one of the most important aspects of any movie.
It is undeniable that costume designers have contributed to the production of tangibly conjuring up an absolute world that is visually dimensional with characters that are fashioned both inside and out. However sometimes, in historical films, they create a series of outfits that don’t match the history.
Whether intentional or not, these specialists make us overwhelmed by gorgeous costumes. While the wrong one can take us out of the film completely, sometimes, it actually affects not much.
We've rounded up 12 times movie-makers were not accurate with historical costumes yet all of us believed them. If you are looking for more, we suggest Times Costume Designers Messuped Up Costumes, Costume Mistakes, and Fascinating Facts Behind Movie Costumes.

#1 Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To Costumes, grease outfits, grease costumesSource: © Elizabeth: The Golden Age / Universal Pictures© The Michael Diamond Collection / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

In the movie, the character Sir Walter Raleigh, played by Clive Owen, often appeared with his leather boots to see the Queen. But, many might not know that in Walter Raleigh, you can’t see someone who wears boots to hunt or ride in the presence of the Queen. The court nobility put on elegant leather shoes and hosiery.

#2 Titanic

Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To Costumes, grease outfits, grease costumesSource: © Titanic / 20th Century Fox© Illustrated London News Ltd / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

Do you remember a scene in which Rose’s mother diligently laces her corset? In fact, the item doesn’t correspond to the Edwardian era, in which the movie is set. The model the heroin wears fully covers her chest and has a curved bustline. At the beginning of the last century, women tended to wear long corsets with a straight low bustline to emphasize the body.

#3 Little Women

Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To Costumes, grease outfits, grease costumesSource: © Little Women / Columbia Pictures

The image of a girl in the Victorian era is associated with a bonnet. However, costume designers of Little Women decided to move it, replacing it with straw hats or sometimes nothing.

#4 Moulin Rouge!

grease outfits, grease costumesSource: © Moulin Rouge! / Bazmark Productionsruen© East News

Although Nicole Kidman was so great in “Moulin Rouge!”, her costumes didn’t match to reality. The Parisian cabaret dancers appear with fluffy can-can skirts and voluminous white pantaloons. Black thick stockings would cover their legs.

#5 The Tudors

Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To Costumes, grease outfits, grease costumesSource: © The Tudors / Showtime Networks and co-producers

The movie is set in the Middle Ages and the costume designers decided to let the actresses appear with corsets with bare shoulders. And it was totally wrong. In the 16th century, every lady had to wear undergarments. To protect them from the cold and prevent chafing from putting on rigid corsets.

#6 The Spanish Princess

Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To Costumes, grease outfits, grease costumesSource: © The Spanish Princess / New Pictures and co-producers

There are a bunch of mistakes in the TV series “The Spanish Princess”. For example, we can see the character Catherine of Aragon appear in the Spanish style of royal dress, which could not exist in the 16th century. The skirt is too short that the audience can see the princess’ ankles.

#7 Grease

grease outfits, grease costumesSource: © Grease / Paramount Pictures© akg-images / East News

The iconic musical film Grease is set in 1958 when black shiny leggings weren’t popular. in the movie, they were made of Spandex which was patented in 1959.

#8 Enola Holmes

Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To Costumes, grease outfits, grease costumesSource: © Enola Holmes / Netflix

Though Enola Holmes’ costumes are so eye-catching, there are still some mistakes. The movie takes place in the 1880s but its garments, particularly the bodice of the burgundy dress and the skirt of the pink dress,  seemingly correspond to 1970s fashion. The neckline on the dress is too revealing, not suitable for a young girl of those years.

#9 Kingdom of Heaven

Source: © Kingdom of Heaven / 20th Century Studios

When being on a battlefield, all men have to wear a helmet but we can’t see it in the character Orlando Bloom.

#10 My Fair Lady

Source: © My Fair Lady / Warner Bros. Pictures© Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

At the beginning of the 20th century, the softly swirled pompadour style was quite popular. However, the character Audrey Hepburn often appears with a high hairstyle though the movie is set in 1912.

#11 Pride & Prejudice

Source: © Pride & Prejudice / Focus Features© Pride and Prejudice / BBC

The story takes place from 1811-1812 when natural curls replaced pompous wigs. At this period, girls tend to put up their hair into a high bun and the curls are around the forehead and temples. But the main character in the movie had loose hair and bangs.

#12 Emma

Movie Creators Turned a Blind Eye To CostumesSource: © Emma / Miramax© Emma / A+E Networks

In the early 1800s, all respectable ladies had a collection of caps that signified their status. But, we can see Emma, portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t have any headwear.
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