12 Times Filmmakers Left Bunch Of Hints In Costumes But Only Diehard Fans Noticed Them

What's the thing you love most about watching the greatest movies? While watching our favorite movies over and over again and knowing every single line and driving our partner insane by saying each one a few seconds before the actor does (it truly riles them every time), we can't help but fall in love with the costumes with interesting hints that talented designers made. 
Apparently, a wardrobe department is one of the most important factors that can improve a movie's satisfaction, and a great one can truly establish the movie as iconic. While watching our favorite movies again and again, we found out that many talented costume designers have produced some truly amazing works of art.
From Dolores Umbridge's pink wardrobe in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to Princess Rhaenyra's golden ceremony necklace in The House of the Dragon, here are 12 amazing and utterly fabulous outfits to have ever graced the big screen. We hope you've found your all-time favorite.

#1 Back to the Future II

Source: © Back to the Future Part II / Amblin Entertainment

Eager viewers of the trilogy have noticed that the design of Doc's shirt foreshadows the events in the sequel. It shows two horses chasing a steam train, whereas Back to the Future III takes place in the Wild West, with Dr. Emmett and Marty attempting to hijack a train.

#2 Bridgerton

Source: © Bridgerton / Netflix

The costumes in this series were designed by the renowned Ellen Mirojnick, who also dressed the casts of Basic Instinct, Maleficent, and other films. She and her team designed each outfit from scratch and incorporated many symbolic elements into it.
Daphne, for example, primarily did wear powder blue dresses that spoke of her innocence before getting married. But as a duchess, her color scheme becomes more vibrant and dusky.

#3 Dune

Source: © Dune / Warner Bros.

The Romanov era served as inspiration for Jacqueline West, who wanted to use the costumes to convey the aristocracy of the Atreides House. Perhaps this is also a subtle indication that the family will face a great deal of sorrow and difficulty in the future.

#4 Game of Thrones

Source: © Game of Thrones / HBO

Game of Thrones is a perfect example that the characters' stories can be revealed through their costumes. In the first season, Cersei is not single; instead, she is completely dependent on her husband and feels imprisoned like a bird.
The costume designer claimed that the embroidery accurately depicted the actress's true situation: “She is a beautiful woman with a hidden desire for power and a wish to be regarded as an equal in the male-dominated world she inhabits. At that stage, she lives in the shadow of her husband, King Robert Baratheon, who holds power over her and the kingdom.”  Additionally, in the designer's vision, this bird represents the scheming and twittering she engages in behind the scenes.

#5 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Source: © Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / Warner Bros.

The attention to detail in the movie versions of the Harry Potter books is extremely impressive. To set Ron Weasley apart from his more wealthy friends and classmates, the costume maker gave him worn-out, faded robes on purpose. He was obviously wearing clothes that belonged to his older brothers.

#6 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Source: © Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros., © PA Images / Getty Images

Dolores Umbridge's pink wardrobe was noticed as being quite reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth's fashion. The character of the woman is perfectly revealed by this detail, though we don't know if the costume designers did this on purpose. Being able to do whatever she pleases makes despotic Umbridge feel like a true queen at Hogwarts.

#7 Jurassic World

Source: © Jurassic World / Universal Pictures, © Jurassic Park / Universal Pictures

The film's creator paid homage to the first film, Jurassic Park. When Bryce Dallas Howard starts rolling up her sleeves and ties her shirt at the bottom to say "I'm ready," she's mimicking Laura Dern.

#8 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Source: © Maleficent: Mistress of Evil / Walt Disney Pictures

Pincess Aurora looked really elegant in this blue gown. Ellen Mirojnick, the costume designer, explained that the design was inspired by nature, that's why her gown is embellished with embroidered leaves and spiderwebs. It was important for the film's creators to demonstrate that the dress appeared to be created by fairies, which is why all of the decorations were handmade.

#9 Promising Young Woman

Source: © Promising Young Woman / Focus Features

Cassie is a young woman who is depressed due to trauma. However, she conceals her emotions from others behind her outfít. Delicate girly outfits serve as a mask for bitterness and a desire for revenge.
Cassie's outfits, according to the costume designer, send important messages to others, saying, “I’m fine, I am careless and completely harmless.” To emphasize her innocence, the filmmakers even gave her an impromptu halo in one of the episodes.

#10 Pulp Fiction

Source: © Pulp Fiction / Miramax

The character in Quentin Tarantino's film is wearing a T-shirt with a smiling globe on it. This is the logo for the Detroit publication Orbit. Orbit was the first to interview and feature Tarantino on the cover of their magazine. Perhaps this is how Quentin decided to express his gratitude to the publisher who had previously done him great honor.

#11 The House of the Dragon

Source: © House of the Dragon / HBO and co-producers

Jany Temine, a French costume designer, created stunning outfits for this series. The producers asked her to pay special attention to the colors because they were important in the plot. Each color represents the family's colors as well as their political ties. As a result, the young Princess Rhaenyra's coronation gown was designed in red, black, and gold hues. These colors represent her pride in her family. Her golden ceremony necklace was also significant because it featured the sigils of the Great Houses.

#12 Widows

Source: © Widows / 20th Century Studios

Veronica's style evolves throughout the film as her personality does. The more she learns about her husband's past, the darker her wardrobe becomes.
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