12 Side-by-Side Photos Of Babies From Our Favorite TV Shows That Will Evoke Pure Nostalgias

Child stars from our favorite TV Shows.often continue their acting careers and have archived accolades in the Entertainment industry. Starting out with iconic roles in TV sitcoms, these actors gained credits that pave the way for them to appear in the next big project.
Celebrities we grow to know and loved in the past now have some achievements in their careers. And not everyone could follow their path to see how different they have been since the breakout as child actors. On the other hand, some child stars decided to retire early and disappeared from the public eye. Overall, they still share one thing in common. These celebrities are so different from what we could remember in old favorite TV shows. Scroll down and check them out!

#1 Jamie Scott In 'One Tree Hill' - Jackson Brundage

Source: CW / Instagram

#2 Cece In 'The Office' - Sienna Paige Strull

Source: NBC / Instagram

#3 Chrissy Seaver In 'Growing Pains' - Ashley Johnson

Source: ABC / NBC

#4 Tabitha In 'Bewitched'- Erin Murphy

Source: ABC / YouTube

#5 Nicky Banks In 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' - Ross Bagley

Source: NBC / Instagram

#6 Emma In 'Friends' - Cali And Noelle Sheldon

Source: NBC / Instagram

#7 David And Sam In '7th Heaven' - Lorenzo, Myrinda, Nikolas, And Zachary Brino

Source: The WB / Instagram

#8 Avery Brown In 'Murphy Brown'- Haley Joel Osment

Source: CBS / Instagram

#9 Michael And Geoffrey In 'Everybody Loves Raymond' - Sawyer And Sullivan Sweeten

Source: CBS / Instagram

#10 Nicky And Alex Katsopolis In 'Full House' - Daniel And Kevin Renteria

Source: ABC / Instagram

#11 Frank Jr., Leslie, And Chandler In 'Friends' - Alex, Cole, Justin, And Paul Cimoch

Source: NBC / Instagram

#12 Lilly Foster-Lamber In 'Step By Step'- Lauren And Kristina Meyering

Source: ABC / Instagram

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