12 Movie Stereotypes About Foreign Countries That Are Just Pure Myth

There are many movie stereotypes that Hollywood wants us to believe that they’re true while in real life they are just pure myths. These unrealistic movie stereotypes are annoying, especially when they get to foreign countries. To many people, these tropes about their countries are just ridiculous and are completely made up.
So let’s discover the truth and right the wrongs that have been caused by Hollywood Movies.and TV shows for years. Here is what people have to say about movie stereotypes of their homelands.

1. Japan

movie stereotypes JapanSource: Ghost in the Shell and co-producers / Paramount Pictures co-producers

Contrary to what Hollywood movies show you, the Japanese don’t eat sushi and ramen all the time. They do watch anime, but nowhere as much as the films portrayed. Plus, it’s a huge misconception that everywhere in Japan is super techy. Computer science isn’t a popular or even common major here, and not everyone knows how to code.

2. France

movie stereotypes FranceSource: Ratatouille/ Pixar

Not every window in Paris has a view of the Eifel Tower. Not every French is cute and romantic. They do not eat baguettes or drink wine all day either. Hollywood needs to stop shooting vineyard scenes in California to pass for the French countryside.

3. United Kingdom

movie stereotypes United KingdomSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Not every English person is royalty, and they don’t all speak posh either. They love their tea, but they do not drink tea and eat crumpets all day. And it might be hard to believe, but sometimes it doesn’t rain in England.

4. Brazil

movie stereotypes BrazilSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Carnival only happens in February. It doesn’t happen all year round, and it won’t happen suddenly because the main character is there. Plus, not every Brazilian loves Carnival and not everyone knows how to samba. Brazil was a pretty conservative country in real life too, so don’t expect topless women on the streets like how the movies show you.

5. India

movie stereotypes IndiaSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

India is so much more than what the films show you. They make it seems like there are only the Taj Mahal, trains, snake charmers, and slums in India! In reality, India doesn’t have bullock carts on the road all the time and snake charmers around every corner. Not all Indian wear turbans and they have more than just cows and slums.

6. Russia

movie stereotypes RussiaSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

This is one of the stupidest movie stereotypes ever. Every time we watch a movie that has Russia in it, it’s always winter in Russia. Just eternal winter. The truth is if it’s a sunny day in Central Park New York, it’s gonna be a sunny day in Red Square Moscow too. If it’s summer in the US, then it’s summer in Russia too.

7. Italy

movie stereotypes ItalySource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Italian foods are more than just Pizza, Pasta, or Mandolino. You have a lot of great options to visit, not just Napoli, Sicilia, or Roma. And Italy is so much more than just ancient Roman ruins or rustic and romantic countryside.

8. Egypt

EgyptSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Egypt has other things than the pyramids and Cairo. The country is not a desert and they actually have loads of greenery around the Nile. And they are just as advanced as the rest of the world. Don’t think Egypt people are just sheepherders.

9. Canada

CanadaSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

It’s a huge myth that all Canadian are kind, eager to help, and extra polite. Plus, Canada isn't a frozen Tundra and it’s not cold all the time here. The country is more than just wilderness and snow.

10. Mexico

MexicoSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Mexico doesn’t have a perpetual sepia filter. It isn’t 100% desert either. Hollywood always messed up Mexico and thinks they are Spain.

11. Australia

AustraliaSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Melbourne, Sydney, and the Outback are very far from each other. It’s gonna take you more than just a couple-hour drive to travel between these places. You probably have to spend more than a day and a half driving from Sydney to the outback. And remember, kangaroos and koalas are not cuddly animals. Kangaroos can easily kill a person and koalas will pee on you.

12. Switzerland

SwitzerlandSource: Courtesy of Everett Collection

Hollywood fooled everybody into thinking that Switzerland only had banks. They have more than that, and their accent certainly doesn’t sound like an Austrian.
Those are some movie stereotypes about foreign countries that are just super common in Hollywood movies. Speaking of horrible cliché, there are things that seem totally normal in movies but nobody does that in real life. Can you think of a few annoying tropes?
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