12 Hollywood Female Stars Who Seem To Shine Forever

The golden age of cinema gave us some of the most mesmerizing Hollywood female stars that ever appear on the silver screen. Their images represent the most glamorous phase of American filmmaking, and looking at them fills us with memories of old movies and nostalgia. Their beauty is truly timeless, as it still stays iconic and classy until this day.
However, there is just something extra special about these Hollywood female stars, as their beauty seems not to be affected by time. As they got older, their appearances became more and more charming and their onscreen charisma only seems to grow more radiant, not fading away. Years have gone by and their charm is still able to amaze us.
So let’s admire these timeless beauties and remember the best days of Hollywood. Here are 12 Hollywood female stars that seem to shine forever.

1. Audrey Hepburn

Hollywood female stars Audrey HepburnSource: Getty Images

2. Grace Kelly

Hollywood female stars Grace KellySource: Getty Images

3. Helen Mirren

Hollywood female stars Helen MirrenSource: Getty Images

4. Marlene Dietrich

Hollywood female stars Marlene DietrichSource: Getty Images

5. Julie Andrews

Hollywood female stars Julie AndrewsSource: Getty Images

6. Tippi Hedren

Hollywood female stars  Tippi HedrenSource: Getty Images

7. Diahann Carroll

Diahann CarrollSource: Getty Images

8. Jane Fonda

Jane FondaSource: Getty Images

9. Lauren Bacall

Lauren BacallSource: Getty Images

10. Jane Russell

Jane RussellSource: Getty Images

11. Rita Moreno

Rita MorenoSource: Getty Images

12. Jane Seymour

Jane SeymourSource: Getty Images

Those are the most gorgeous Hollywood female stars and how they have aged over the years. Speaking of old Hollywood stars, some of the most famous celebrities also aged just like fine wine. See how they look in their youth versus how they are now to see their changes!
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