12 Female Superstars Innovate Women's Beauty Standards

Female celebrities always try to be shinier, slimmer, and whiter. Hot sexy bodies or forever-young baby faces give them the confidence and advantage to rock on stage and win hearts. Big brands use their images as a message for beauty standards that every lady of all ages should pursue. Therefore, high-classed clothes and cosmetics can dominate the worldwide women's market.
On the opposite side, several superstars decide to rise against those standards. Flaws on faces and bodies should be embraced, not hated. At least, if someone famous doesn't like body flaws and hopes to alter them, it doesn't mean others with similar ones must feel the same. These female stars break the porcelain doll image of an old-fashioned beautiful woman. Scroll down and read more about them!

#1. Lady Gaga

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Since she rocked the stage with her weirdest appearance, she has never been afraid to tell the world that they should be proud of their genders, styles, faces, and bodies. Fans can never predict what extraordinary clothes she will wear to perform live.

#2. Alicia Keys

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Alicia Key revealed that she used to be obsessed with makeup for many years, but she realized she did not like it that way. Hence, she tried to reduce using makeup. She doesn’t anti makeup. She just thinks bare faces are good enough and people should not be over-addicted to cosmetics.

#3. Lizzo

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Lizzo said that she was fat and black, but an icon of confidence and beauty. She confessed that she had the power to create a new beauty standard. Besides, Lizzo challenged the fashion world with her tremendous voluminous couture.

#4. Ashley Graham

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She showcased her stretch marks rather than hiding them. Also, she Instagrammed that she was not ashamed of a few lumps, bumps, or cellulite… and nobody shouldn't be either.

#5. Yara Shahidi

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Weird eyebrows and afro hair are not the reason some women hate their faces, and neither does Yara. Even though she was recommended to alter her unibrows and hairstyle, she chose to keep them as how they were naturally since they were symbolic.

#6. Simone Biles

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In gymnastics, ballet, or contemporary dance, old-fashioned beautiful legs and arms are essential. However, Biles cites that competitions should be about techniques and hard work, not standard bodies. She shared that people told her she looked bad, but she would not let it pull her down.

#7. Saoirse Ronan

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The actress told the makeup stylist to not cover her freckles and acne in the movie Lady Bird. She thought that normal ladies had them so no need to hide them. Moreover, she didn’t feel uncomfortable letting them be captured.

#8. Jameela Jamil

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She loves her brown skin and stretch marks on her cheeks and on all over her body. What’s more, she even names them Baby Marks. She said they were badges of honor for resisting society’s weaponizing of the female form.

#9. Rihanna

Source: badgalriri instagram

The famous singer was widely praised for posting an Instagram picture featuring her leg hair. Rather than adopting a typical maternity style, she chose to wear outfits that revealed and showcased her bump.

#10. Perrie Edwards

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Little Mix’s singer previously revealed that the scar on her stomach from multiple childhood esophagus surgeries was her biggest insecurity, but she chose to showcase it. Many of her fans were inspired to share pictures of their own scars.

#11. Jennifer Lopez

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Women can have muscles and be admirable at the same time as men. This is what JLo wants to tell everybody. She dances and works out even in her 50s and achieves incredible muscles that she loves to showcase them.

#12. Sophia Loren

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Body hairs are natural. Loren loves them and is not afraid to let them get snapped. People in the same gen as Loren criticized her for the idea but they could never change her heart.
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