12 Expensive Things That Paid Off In The Long Run

When deciding whether to purchase an expensive item without first knowing if it would actually be beneficial or not, it can be challenging. However, certain items prove to be so useful and practical that they may end up paying off in the long term, and you'll never regret purchasing that kind of goods.
What is your "expensive but worth it" product? was a question posed on the r/AskReddit subreddit, and the responses were quite insightful. I'm not claiming that because it worked for them, it will work for you as well, but if you look at the list below, you'll see that the majority of these are in fact worthwhile investments.



“A $600 electric fireplace. We don’t need to run the heat as high or as often because it heats up the area we stay in the most during the day.”


Source: regulardrunk7

“A vasectomy. After we had two children we knew that was a good number for us. We both come from huge families and we know how hard it is financially and emotionally to provide for a large number of kids. Wasn’t even that expensive either.”


Source: heodeosmehskndd

“A good pair of boots, specifically Doc Martens, though really any stupidly sturdy boot works. I only ever have one pair of shoes I regularly wear, and I do a lot of heavy lifting, woodworking, etc etc. I used to get a pair of about $90 boots every year/ year and a half, decided to spend like $150 on a pair of Docs and they have lasted me about 4 or 5 years now of constant, heavy use. Only regret is that I didn’t get the more expensive boots with the lifetime warranty that they offer.”


Source: slowjams

“Quality cold weather gear. Not only does it work better and look better, I’ve had a couple jackets for over 5 years now that see heavy use. Meanwhile I have a couple friends that basically buy and throwaway cheap gear every season. Works like s**t, looks like s**t, ends up in a landfill, costs more in the long run. Lose, lose, lose, lose.”


Source: JK841

“For women, I would say a menstrual cup. You can even find cheaper options than the DivaCup, but man, the amount of money that I’m saving on not buy pads and tampons is amazing. If you’re a woman who is struggling financially, a one time payment for the menstrual cup is an amazing investment.”


Source: Kerfuffle666

“Not necessarily expensive these days – but a vacuum packing machine for the kitchen is the best thing I’ve ever invested in. I rarely throw a scrap of food out nowadays, and freezer burn is a thing of the past. Apart from using it for sous vide, I also make bacon/ham/salt beef using the equilibrium method… so had perfect dry cured supply for years. It’s a piece of cake to produce and a different class to store crap. And lasts for many months when kept vacpacked!”


Source:  tonderthrowaway

“When I moved back to my home town over a year ago I bought a 27′ sailboat to live on because rent here is outrageous. Boat cost $4,500 to buy, and moorage at a decent marina is about $170/month. Rent for a studio apartment or 1br here is $900-$1300; every month I save between $600 and $1100, so the boat paid for itself in 4-9 months.”


Source: peanutbuttersnoflake

“Windows! New windows on our house. Replaced the old single pane metal framed windows. It was like a waterfall of cold air coming off of them and the noise from the street was obnoxious. Heating bill was cut in half.”


Source: series-hybrid

“An Old Truck. 23 years ago, I bought a used 1991 Toyota 4-cylinder truck. Paid it off early. Its now 29 years old, and refuses to die. Good gas mileage, low insurance. I change the oil myself…”
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