12 Celebrities Who Leave Nothing to Their Kids Despite Their Million-Dollar Assets

Sometimes people who are born into wealthy, well-known families experience more challenges in life than people whose parents are normal people. How can someone determine whether their success is their own doing or whether their family's notoriety plays a significant role? To make sure that all of your assets, money, and property go to the correct people, you make a will. And the most important choice for parents is what to leave for their children.
It's a simple decision for most people to distribute everything equally among the children. But these well-known millionaires and billionaires have promised to leave their children very little or none of their estates. The richest people in the world have already made the decision not to leave their wealth to their heirs. They just want their children to understand the importance of hard work and success. Therefore, many give money to charitable organizations,
We'd like to share with you 12 examples that we found. Which of their choices do you agree with? If you had the choice, would you leave your kids with all of your money or nothing at all?

#1 50 Cent

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For a long time, the conflict between rapper 50 Cent and his son, Marquise, has ruled the media. The truth is that the man and the kid regularly sort out their troubled relationship by posting their texts online. As a result, the rapper publicly threatened to exclude his son from his will.

#2 Anderson Cooper

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Anderson Cooper, the well-known American television journalist, is not planning to leave his son an inheritance. He did discuss this on the radio. He adheres to his parents' position, that only paid for his college.

#3 Andrew Lloyd Webber

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During his career, the famous composer and writer of The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, has earned more than $1 billion. However, his five children will never see this massive sum because Webber believes that everyone should be self-sufficient.
“It is about having a work ethic — I don’t believe in inherited money at all. I am not in favor of children suddenly finding a lot of money coming their way because then they have no incentive to work,” the composer says.

#4 Daniel Craig

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The actor who played Agent 007 is a rich person. According to some estimates, he's worth nearly $160 million, most of of which he earned while playing James Bond. However, his two daughters are unlikely to benefit from this sum.
Craig, who comes from a poor family, believes that everyone should work for a living. The actor finds the concept of "inheritance" distasteful. His philosophy holds that a person should spend all of their money during their lifetime.

#5 David Cassidy

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Actor David Cassidy is a great example of how a parent can truly love one child more than the other. He stated in one of his interviews that he does not consider himself a father to his daughter, Katie Cassidy because he did not raise her.
Cassidy, on the other hand, considered his son, who grew up with him, to be one of the best people he had ever known. When the actor died, it was discovered that he did not leave anything to his daughter and that all of his property was passed down to his son.

#6 Joan Crawford

Source: AmoMama

Joan Crawford, an old Hollywood star, had four adopted children. When the actress died, it was discovered that her older children were left with nothing. The younger Crawford twins received the entire Crawford fortune. As a result of the litigation, the older adopted children got justice.

#7 Kirk Douglas

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Even during his lifetime, the actor spent the majority of his time supporting those in need. He and his wife established a foundation with the goal of "helping those who cannot help themselves." It's no surprise that he left almost all of his money to charity in his will.

#8 Laurene Powell Jobs

Source: The New York Times

Laurene Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is carrying on her husband's legacy. The woman does not intend to leave her children an inheritance, as her late husband wanted. Her purpose is to "effectively deploy resources."
The businesswoman invests millions of dollars in companies that have the potential to change the world. In 2015, for example, she launched a program to assist low-income students in paying for college.

#9 Marlon Brando

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He had 11 children with whom he could divide his legacy. Even during his lifetime, he excluded two people from his will: his adopted daughter, Petra, and Cheyenne, the son of his late daughter.
The official reason was never revealed. However, some believe that the decision about Petra was made because the girl's mother sued Brando for money. It's unclear why the Oscar-winning actor punished his grandson.

#10 Philip Seymour Hoffman

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The Oscar-winning actor's will named only one heir to his entire fortune (approximately $35 million), Hoffman's girlfriend, costume designer Marianne O'Donnell. Philip had three children with her. The actor had no intention of leaving his fortune to their children. According to his accountant, he didn't want his heirs to feel like "trust fund" kids.

#11 Sean Connery

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Since Sean Connery died in 2020, the world has been waiting for the actor's will to be read aloud to see if his son received anything. Connery repeatedly stated during his lifetime that he would deprive his son of his legacy to teach him a lesson: "He doesn't know what it's like to have a hard time, but it's not too late for him to learn life."
In 2007, the actor stated publicly that he wanted his 45-year-old son “to make a living on his own and not off his father’s hook.”

#12 Simon Cowell

Source: Daily Highlight

The music mogul also does not intend to leave an inheritance to his children. According to him, the best gift a parent can give their children is their time and the chance to teach them what they know.
The producer is against leaving his money to his children. Cowell says he'd rather give the money to charities that help children and dogs.
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