5 Most Sensational Moments At World Cup Of All Time

The FIFA World Cup is the world's biggest and best football tournament. Only once every four years will the victorious nation be remembered as one of the all-time greats in the sport. As a tournament, it brings together football lovers from all around the world. Regardless of whence they hail or whose team they root for, all fans share in the World Cup's unparalleled excitement. There have been many memorable moments in the history of this competition, and these are among the very finest.

#1. Germans take the trophy thanks to Gotze's goal (2014)

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This tournament was Messi's time to shine for Argentina after several subpar World Cups by his lofty standards. He led his team in scoring four goals and was named tournament MVP after finishing third overall. He led Argentina to the championship game, where they faced off against a German team that had just beaten Brazil badly. Even though Messi came close to winning the World Cup, Germany took home the trophy thanks to a goal by Mario Gotze in the 114th minute.

#2. Ronaldo (2002)

Messi could not lead Argentina to victory, but the original Ronaldo never had to worry about that. As the tournament's unquestioned MVP in 2002, he took home the Golden Boot and came up short in the race for the Golden Ball. He was the tournament's top scorer with eight goals, including Brazil's lone tallies in the semifinals and championship.
The Germans, led by star goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, presented a tough challenge for Brazil. The two goals Ronaldo scored were enough to secure Brazil's fifth World Cup, regardless of who was in goal.

#3. Maradona vs. England (1986)

Maradona, who has since passed away, was never shy about stealing the show. Whether it was his incredible talent with the ball or his controversial behavior off the field, Maradona was the topic of endless conversation. This contradiction was never more apparent than in the quarterfinal victory against England in 1986. Maradona leapt with England's goalkeeper Peter Shilton and punched the ball past him to an even score.
The official, however, missed it, and the goal remained. The following four minutes saw Maradona score one of the greatest individual goals in soccer history after dribbling his way through the England defense. Maradona's absurd and magnificent goals helped Argentina to a 2-1 victory.

#4. Grosso Penalty (2006)

Regarding tournament performances, it was safe to say that Italy was notorious for waiting until the last minute. Grosso and Del Piero scored in the 119th and 121st minutes, respectively, to prevent the semifinal match against hosts Germany from needing a penalty shootout. However, the World Cup final versus Zidane's France was the most talked-about event. Zidane's headbutt on Materazzi is what many will remember most about the close game.
Zidane and Materazzi scored in extra time to tie the game, forcing a penalty shootout. When Italy scored their first four penalties, and Trezeguet missed for France, it set the stage for Grosso to deliver Italy their fourth World Cup win with a successful fifth penalty. He didn't lose his composure and calmly hammered the penalty kick into the top corner, sealing the victory for Italy.

#5. The Spain’s first World Cup (2010)

There was no doubt that Spain's historic victory in 2010 was the talk of the World Cup. Even if they didn't score many goals, their brand of tiki-taka game was beautiful to watch and effective. They dropped their first game to Switzerland but then won the rest of their group games. Del Bosque, Spain's coach, orchestrated a possession-based game in which his team would easily win.
Although no method can guarantee success every time, Spain's 1-0 victories in each of their knockout matches were decisive at the World Cup. Spain's World Cup-winning strategy was calculated as that of a professional blackjack player in a real-life Irish casino. Iniesta's goal in the 116th minute of the Final earned Spain their first World Cup, despite Spain's dominance throughout the tournament.
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