25 Dark Comments That Walk A Fine Line Between Sad And Funny

What is better than a funny post? Of course, the answer is the comments people leave right below that post. Many would agree that the comment section is the best place to explore because it could make the post a lot funnier or make a sharp turn from what we have read above. While surfing online, people have caught a lot of comments that make them go "What the heck" and leave them tongue-tied the second after. They did feel the urge to take screenshots of them to share with others because it's not fair to bear this inconvenience alone. There's even this special corner on Reddit known as r/cursedcomments where people post screenshots of dark comments (of course) with over 3.3m members.
We've compiled a list of 25 dark comments that will make you wonder whether to be sad or laugh at them. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. Cursed kiss

Source: Wade918

#2. Cursed few seconds

Source: tupangina

#3. Cursed_Masturbation

Source: EeveeMasterJenya

#4. Playing clash royale and see whose towers are destroyed first

Source: EmoDetective17

#5. "If I have a wife I would put her down as my ex-fiancé"

Source: HeisterWolf

#6. "Finally a new way to compliment my wife"

Source: discovid19

#7. “Do it lol”

Source: kkklover69420

#8. "Before we begin, I'm required by law to inform you that I'm a sexual predator."

Source: jdenny12345

#9. That just ruins the fun.

Source: lildaddy6969

#10. Cursed roomba

Source: reddit

#11. Btw, why are the doctors wearing crocs?

Source: EscapeFromGermany

#12. Yeets pee out with spoon

Source: VWOLF1978

#13. Expired sperm

Source: 20080262

#14. Godse

Source: therealmocha

#15. Killing two birds with 1 stone

Source: Reknepz1

#16. "Now I can’t unsee it"+

Source: reddit

#17. They could be married, then they'll legally their parents now

Dark commentsSource: ventmaster69

#18. “Oh hi dear, I didn’t know we shared a client!”

Dark commentsSource: ToxicVegetable

#19. He was a businessman doing business

Dark commentsSource: Duschkopfe

#20. Hmmm

Dark commentsSource: Norbi034

#21. Their family tree is probably a ladder.

Dark commentsSource: hm120kjr

#22. Except it will never be perfectly synchronized, unless you're dead.

Dark commentsSource: ariglgn

#23. "I danced for five miles today"

Dark commentsSource: ariglgn

#24. Cursed NYC

Dark commentsSource: Wewwwwwwwwww

#25. This is America

Dark commentsSource: AaaMiPishulaaa

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