11 Mind-Blowing Facts About Celebrities That Will Sweep Away Your Boredom

When we think about it, stars are just the same as us. They go to bed, eat, and experience love and heartbreak just like the rest of us. And by all appearances—maybe except Tom Cruise—we all seem to be aging at the same rate. All of them have a unique story to tell, even more so when there seems to be so much going on with their lives surrounding rapid fame and wealth. This, of course, leads to some of the secrets in their personal lives leaking out to the public, all thanks to the ever-seeing eye of the media.
In Hollywood, keeping a secret is challenging. Even the most secretive celeb facts are rather well-known due to frequent media attention, tabloid headlines, and real-time updates on social media. However, there are occasionally a few undiscovered treasures that appear to fall between the cracks. We've gathered the most interesting celebrity facts we could uncover to highlight these lesser-known truths. And maybe your boredom will go away at the end of this article.

#1 Daniel Radcliffe shared a story about how he found out he got the role of Harry Potter.

Source: © Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Warner Bros. and co-producers

It turns out that the jubilation following the announcement of the Harry Potter part's booking was not that exciting. While taking a bath, the actor learned he had been cast in the movie. And as a reward, he was permitted to watch Fawlty Towers on television for an additional 30 minutes.

#2 Google Image Search was invented because of Jennifer Lopez.

Source: Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images

There was no way to view all of the photographs that Google returned in 2000. However, Jennifer Lopez's participation at the Grammy Awards that year altered this, as many people were interested in seeing her attire but were unable to get the right information. Google engineers developed this search option as a result.

#3 Rebel Wilson pursued acting because of a hallucination.

Source: © rebelwilson / Instagram

Rebel Wilson had intended to study law, but she took a year off and traveled to Africa instead. She had malaria there and had acting-related hallucinations. Despite having graduated from law school, she opted to alter her job since she enjoyed that vision so much.

#4 Justin Timberlake’s mom was Ryan Gosling's legal guardian.

Source: © TheMMCchannel / YouTube, Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/East News

The Mickey Mouse Club featured Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake as child actors and co-stars. After some time, Gosling's mother had to relocate to Canada due to professional obligations; as a result, Timberlake's mother stepped in and took on the role of Gosling's legal guardian so he could continue working on the show.

#5 Halle Berry was named after a store.

Source: © halleberry / Instagram

She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where one of the city's monuments was the department store Halle Brothers. Because they named her after the business, her parents must have truly liked it.

#6 Britney Spears used to be in an all-girls group before going solo.

Source: © britneyspears / Instagram

The band was called Innosense, and their goal was to be the Spice Girls of America. In operation from 1997 to 2003 was the group. It also included Nikki DeLoach, an actress now best known for her role on MTV's Awkward.

#7 Jake Gyllenhaal’s godmother is Jamie Lee Curtis.

Source: © ryanpfluger / jamieleecurtis / Instagram© jakegyllenhaal / Instagram

Jake Gyllenhaal's parents were close friends of Jamie Lee Curtis', who has known the actor all of his childhood. She became his godmother in this manner. Gyllenhaal's role as the godfather to Heath Ledger's daughter is another intriguing piece of information.

#8 Stephen Baldwin has a Hannah Montana tattoo.

Source: KMazur/WireImage

He wanted to make a cameo appearance on Hannah Montana since his kids were huge fans of the program. In compensation for the cameo appearance, the show's star Miley Cyrus, who was 15 at the time, dared him to get a tattoo of Hannah Montana's initials. Stephen Baldwin did that, but in the end, he was never cast as a guest star.

#9 Hugh Jackman used to be a gym teacher.

Source: © Hugh Jackman / Facebook

He was just Mr. Jackman, a high school gym teacher until he became famous. He once encountered Rollo Ross, a reporter, and revealed to him that he was his instructor. Jackman made light of the fact that he was interested in Ross' progress in physical education.

#10 Simon Cowell polished the props for The Shining.

Source: Invision/Invision/East News

He began his career by polishing Jack Nicholson's prop axe for the suspense film The Shining, but is now best known for his role as a judge on the talent competition The X-Factor. The talent judge was "very proud" of how shiny he made the props look in between takes of the movie, according to Cowell's half-brother.

#11 Christina Applegate left Brad Pitt mid-date.

Source: © Barry King / WireImage / Getty Images, Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/East News, Invision/Invision/East News

Before Brad Pitt became a household name, Christina Applegate revealed that the two had been dating. However, she broke things off with him the night of the MTV Video Music Awards in favor of another man. She said that she still felt guilty about her choice. The mystery man was never identified by the actress other than to say that he was "known to the public," but Gilmore Girls' Sebastian Bach insisted that she was referring to him.
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