Who Is Kyle Rittenhouse? The Boy Charged With Shooting Dead Two People And Injuring A Third

Kyle Howard Rittenhouse is an American known for shooting three men, two fatally, during the civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020 when he was 17 years old.

1. Who is Kyle Rittenhouse?

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Kyle Howard Rittenhouse was born on January 3, 2003 in Antioch, Illinois, to Michael and Wendy Rittenhouse. A white American, his parents were married in Lake County, Illinois, in February 2000, three years before his birth. He has two siblings, an older sister and a younger sister. His parents separated by 2014
on Nov. 19, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges in his trial over the shootings of three white men — two of whom died — in the aftermath of demonstrations in Kenosha, Wis., in August 2020. At that time, he was just 17 years old

2. The victim

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Blake, a black man, was shot seven times by a white police officer leaving him partially paralysed. Three months earlier, George Floyd was murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin in a Minneapolis street leading to widespread anti-racism demonstrations.

3. The defendant

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Kyle Rittenhouse travelled to Kenosha from the home he shares with his mother in Antioch, Illinois, a 30-minute drive away. The defendant's father lives in Kenosha. Mr Rittenhouse's social media accounts show an interest in policing and guns, and support for former president Donald Trump. On 25 August 2020, the defendant was carrying a military-style semi-automatic rifle, bought for him by a friend. Kyle Rittenhouse claims he travelled to the city to protect buildings from being looted and to provide first aid.

4. First-degree reckless homicide

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Joseph Rosenbaum chased Kyle Rittenhouse in a car park and threw a plastic bag at him. A reporter who witnessed events claims Mr Rosenbaum tried to grab Mr Rittenhouse's gun and this led to the defendant shooting him in the head.
The "reckless" aspect of this charge means prosecutors do not need to prove Kyle Rittenhouse intended to kill Joseph Rosenbaum, but that he caused his death by acting without regard for human life.

 5. First-degree recklessly endangering safety

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The journalist Richard McGinnis, who witnessed Mr Rosenbaum being shot, claims he was in the line of fire. Prosecutors say this means his safety was recklessly endangered. Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer testifies during his trial

 6. First-degree intentional homicide

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After killing Mr Rosenbaum, Kyle Rittenhouse was chased down a street; he tripped over. One person screamed: "That's the shooter!" A video appears to show the second victim, Anthony Huber, lunging at Mr Rittenhouse and attempting to hit him with a skateboard before being shot. "Intentional homicide" means prosecutors must prove Kyle Rittenhouse intended to kill Anthony Huber.
At a similar time, an unknown man tried to kick Mr Rittenhouse. A video appears to show the defendant firing at him twice. It is assumed the man was unharmed. Mr Rittenhouse previously faced a sixth charge - carrying a firearm illegally as a person under 18 - but this was dismissed by a judge, who said the law on possession was unclear. The defence argued that under a strict reading of Wisconsin law a person could carry a rifle at the age 16 of 17 as long as it was not considered short-barrelled. Mr Rittenhouse had told the court he believed it was illegal for him to carry a rifle but he wanted it because: "I thought it looked cool."

7. The jury's decision

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Extensive video footage means most of the events of 25 August 2020 are not in question. Instead the jury must decide on Kyle Rittenhouse's intent. What was he thinking when he fired his rifle? Were his actions reasonable or criminal? Prosecutors argue that out of the hundreds of people who were part of the Kenosha unrest, the defendant was "the only one who killed anyone". Mr Rittenhouse says he feared for his life and was acting in self defence. "I didn't do anything wrong. I defended myself," he told the court.
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