20 Hilarious Odd-Timing Flicks That Make You Doubt Your Eyes

Nowadays, photos are not merely used for embracing heartwarming moments with our families and friends. They have become an essential part of our daily lives because they can provide information, be served as evidence, and even deliver amusement. We all know that an individual will never be able to see the whole wonderful picture of this big world. However, we can learn little by little through numerous other people's snapshots.
Some old-schooled people wonder why most of us stick with image-featuring social networks. There are many different answers. We just can not deny that online photos have various charms that will never get tiring. One of these charms is perfect timing pics. They excite every cell in your brain and can even burn your retinas with their illusions.
Are you in love with unique moments that rarely take place? Would you like to challenge your mind and eyes? Are you ready for flicks that can make you doubt your sight? Then, let's waste no more seconds and go!

#1. Zoom to see his tiny right arm

Source: u/braddamit

#2. It’s the second house cat, not the shadow

Source: u/villazick

#3. funny eyes and extra long pinky

Source: u/thebasedgooby

#4. Two cats on the street

Source: u/xxxdelusional

#5. Ouch!

Source: u/jaum22

#6. Who shaved that dog's legs?

Hilarious Odd-Timing FlicksSource: u/TrochaicFlight327

#7. Flamingo

Source: u/crackrjack88

#8. What a Selfie

Hilarious Odd-Timing FlicksSource: u/LalithaDev

#9. Killer smile on that bird!

Source: u/Antiquemarxism

#10. Gulliver travels to India

Source: u/Minortasset141

#11. Too much confusion in this pic

Source: u/lascia_ste

#12. How many fingers are on the lady’s right hand?

Hilarious Odd-Timing FlicksSource: u/1yearreview

#13. Three-headed giraffe

Source: u/linlin110

#14. Casemiro

Source: u/Guilherme-Valle

#15. A Cebu Pacific A320 precariously resting its rear wheels at the top of Mount Mayon before heading to Manila, Philippines.

Source: u/genius23sarcasm

#16. Hen With Too Many Legs

Source: u/CrisperKoleslaw

#17. Waiter

Hilarious Odd-Timing FlicksSource: u/Ishbanbushi

#18. Escaping the Wave

Source: u/Profounddocument35

#19. Imagine walking here in the morning when it is foggy and you see this

Hilarious Odd-Timing FlicksSource: u/nelad1234

#20. Is it a can-can line?

Hilarious Odd-Timing FlicksSource: u/SaturnSunRoof

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